6 Sustainable Netflix Documentaries You Should Watch in 2022

It’s time to act if we want our Earth to be on our side for a long time to come. We all know that and yet we find it difficult to change our routines and limit ourselves to certain areas. It helped me a lot in that time to understand the background and I did it with help Sustainable documentaries on Netfix.

If you’re like that and don’t believe in simple no-waste tips and need to understand the big picture first, then nine documentaries are sure to be on your watch list.

Best sustainable Netflix documentaries

9 Sustainable Netflix Documentaries You Must Have Watched

Netflix She has recognized the potential of documentaries and has always produced her own films and those on the assembly line. In addition to amazing documentaries about our animal and plant world (“Our Planet” or “Our National Parks” with Barack Obama), they also deal with Environmental protection and sustainability. This is the most inspiring NetflixLife-changing documentaries.

Trailer for the Netflix documentary Cowspiracy.

#1 Cowspiracy: How bad is meat consumption for our environment?

my producers Cowspiracy Get their movie through crowdfunding platform indigogo It was funded and got more than twice its target production costs from enthusiastic fans. They did not disappoint, because the result was the same A critical and frightening masterpiece about our contemporary consumption of meat. According to this Netflix documentary, the environmental impacts of our meat and fish industry are far worse than all other industrial environmental impacts combined.

They shed more light on why this aspect is recognized by leading environmental organizations, such as green area or the Rainforest Action Network It has not yet received much attention. Cowspiracy It is an absolute must for the new environmentally conscious thinkers and everyone considering becoming vegan, vegetarian or vegan.

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#2 Conspiracy: How We Exploit Our Seas

Even if the name suggests it: This documentary isn’t from the same makers as Cowspiracy, but it’s downright scary. Director Ali Tabrizi visits the illegal fishing rings while he is with them Hunting sharks and dolphins Sinister environmental organizations questioned about this problem.

It also addresses the issue of marine pollution, but presents the thesis that says Approximately 46% of plastic waste from the sea is caused by fishing nets consists. However, this problem is deliberately hidden by companies and NGOs.

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Trailer for Virunga on Netflix.

#3 Virunga: a national park struggling to survive

Virunga he is NetflixAn in-house production that also featured Leonardo DiCaprio, but this time as a producer. Virunga is the name of the largest national park in the Republic of the Congo. The NetflixDocumentation accompanies the rangers and their efforts to protect the national park over several years and shows them in their daily fight against armed militia units, major oil companies and fishermen who want to harm the national park and its residents.

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Trailer for the sustainable documentary Chasing Choral.

#4 Chasing Coral: Why We Can’t Ignore the Dying Coral

Many people realize that the death of bees is a huge problem, that we are overfishing the oceans and that endangered species are disappearing from the rainforests. However, not only animals die from the rubble of the seas, but also from plants. Coral reefs in particular are severely affected by plastic waste, and also by harmful substances found in our sunscreens. They are the most important suppliers of oxygen. coral chase He accompanies marine researchers and coral reef advocates in their work and shows just how bad things can be in our underwater rainforests.

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#5 Broken: How Greenwashing Works

green wash Companies operate when they sell themselves or their products as being more sustainable than they actually are. Here we explain the most famous green washing tricks. The four-episode mini-documentary highlights exactly this practice.

In individual parts, they deal with harmful ingredients in cosmetics, supposedly sustainable furniture, nicotine consumption and so on Recycling theme.

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Trailer for its simplicity.

#6 Minimalism: Happier with less

We’re supposed to go to the powerful Youtube And the Instagram Thank you for the fact that minimalism is now an absolute trend and no longer just an ‘eco’. Simplicity is a way of life, which focuses on the most important things in life and classifies all that is useless and unnecessary. The NetflixThe documentation “Minimalism” explains the new trend and questions today’s overconsumption.

Psst: If the documentary really attracted you, you should definitely watch “Cleaning with Marie Kondo” too Netflix Looking at. We’ll also give you top tips for the KonMari method to take with you.

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Health coach

#7 What is health: does our food cause illness?

These documents are from the same makers Cowspiracy and her successor. different from Cowspiracy This documentary deals with aThe effects of our heart diet on our bodies. If environmental aspects can’t convince you to rethink, maybe your health?

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A spoiled Netflix documentary.

#8 Rotten: How does our food poison us?

Rotten also deals with the biggest food legends and senses A conspiracy between the pharmaceutical and food industrywhich aims to tempt us to consume more and more unhealthily.

They explain how companies cheat us Selling food under a false guise, Which can have disturbing consequences for us. Of course, you can fully unlock the two-part series Netflix Look.

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Mission Blue Trailer.

#9 Blue Mission: Save our oceans

The last documentary on our list and itineraries similar to how chasing jimAs a result of our climate change: who – which Our oceans are dying from garbage, overfishing and global warming. The documentary is hosted by marine biologist and National Geographic consultant Sylvia Earle. The strong woman has been committed to protecting the oceans her entire life. In the documentary, she takes us back to her daily work and explains the dire consequences for humans on the underwater world.

10 Honorable mentions that are not on Netflix

If you’ve had enough of our Netflix documentaries and your heart is crying out for more green facts and ideas, you can of course also skip Documentation of other service providers on the subject of sustainability Watching, watching. These five documentaries are by far some of the best documentaries other than Netflix, and of course we’ll also tell you where to stream them.

  • before the flood (Disney+) is an American documentary that asks about society and They can and want to take action against the environmental disasters of our time. Leonardo DiCaprio acts as a host and meets high-ranking politicians such as Barack Obama or Bill Clinton and asks for their opinions and suggested solutions.
  • real cost (plex) is the best documentary on fast fashion and the consequences that ever-changing fashion consumption has on our society, our fellow human beings, and our environment.
  • More than honey (on request) deals with the massive death of bees in recent years, its causes, effects, and possible solutions.
  • tomorrow (Moby) is a French documentary. It doesn’t think about problems, but instead offers ingenious solutions to the environmental problems we struggle with.
  • It’s time for utopia (main video) Very similar to how tomorrow Documentary about sustainable solutions. It is intended to show especially beginners how small steps can lead to big changes.
  • plastic planet (Filmit Hairs, Alescino) It deals with one of the biggest environmental problems nowadays: plastic waste. The documentary demonstrates how devastating our disposable consumption is and the long-term effects of plastic on our health and the environment. You can also watch this documentary for free as an Amazon Prime Video customer.
  • How to change the world (upon request): between documentary and feature film, creation green area He told, who at the time were a small group of activists who wanted to stop Richard Nixon’s nuclear weapons testing.
  • A fork instead of a scalpel (On Demand): The documentary accompanies director and presenter Lee Fulkerson as he makes a complete diet makeover. He decided to do a 12-week treatment and dispense with all animal products. If you are interested in a vegan lifestyle, you will definitely find this documentary interesting and informative in your decision-making process.
  • sustainable (plex) is also an American documentary about individuals who, despite the capitalist and unhealthy American system, want to create a sustainable way of life in their community. The focus is on Farmer Marty, who questions the current system.
  • ice chase: (on request): The nature documentary has won over 30 film awards, and rightly so. Chasing Ice accompanies the retreat of glaciers and the emergence of unique natural phenomena, such as the birth of a glacier (when pieces of a glacier separate from a glacier). Of course, the documentary also questions the causes of the retreat of glaciers and shows the frightening consequences for us and our planet.

If you want to act now and make your life more sustainable, you can find all of our articles here at the Sustainability Center.

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