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Since 2002, Maria Furtwängler has played Inspector Charlotte Lindholm in Tatort Niedersachsen. The longevity and popularity of her character is something special. Furtwangler still has big plans for this role.

by Dani Marquez Marcalo

20 years: Maria Furtwängler has played Charlotte Lindholm at the crime scene in Lower Saxony for a long time. There are many successful Tatort series out there, but the longevity and sheer popularity of her character is what sets her apart.

My voice: April 2002: NDR introduces the new Crime Scene Commissioner Charlotte Lindholm (3 min)

There is no end in sight – as Maria Furtwängler herself says, because she still had a lot of desires and ideas for this role. I have spoken to Norddeutscher Rundfunk for over 20 years of service at the crime scene.

20 years of service as a spirited detective Charlotte Lindholm

Maria Furtwängler has played Detective Charlotte Lindholm 29 times, who is often shown to be very direct, and very irritable in her investigations. The first time in 2002 was something special. Until then, nearly all crime scene inspectors were male. Then came Furtwängler and Andrea Swatsky in Frankfurt and Eva Matisse in Constance. All in 2002. “This was undoubtedly a spirit of optimism, so the crime scene also tried to make it more feminine. In general, the image is not as feminine as it might seem. The other two stopped long ago, but I still “stand silent,” she says. Maria Furtwängler sings.

She is very interested in gender equality. Its founder, MaLisa, was able to investigate the proportion of women in television roles. She says she is getting better. There is another realization. “The numbers show that women in television and in literature are allowed to age. Not by a long shot like men. But the picture is changing there too,” she says.

Maria Furtwängler: “I love this Charlotte Lindholm character”

Longtime in Hanover, Furtwangler and Lindholm are now investigating Göttingen. This is one of the many dramatic changes over the years. The actress says this is the only way the role can stay fresh. “I love this character, I love the look. At one point I also had a crisis with her, with the crime scene. For me, the crime scene has become a very powerful place in recent years where I can also contribute a lot to my own thoughts.”

One of her favorite issues was a double crime scene: “The Throwaway Girl” and “The Golden Band”: “There we sparked a discussion about forced prostitution and human trafficking. These were milestones that had great power for me and I’m proud of.”

Or something completely different, like the Lindenberg crime scene of Detlev Back’s “Everything Comes Back” last Christmas.

– Everything is fine with you honey?
– you are doing? Mr. Lindenberg?
Hard times, everyone has to go through. But you will see. At some point everything will be easy again.
Crime scene interview with Udo Lindenberg

20 years from the crime scene of Furtwangler. There are people at work who don’t want that, and don’t want to be tied down in some role. But that didn’t happen to her, says Fortwängler. “Actually no. I’m also not someone who takes things very strategically. I’ve let myself be surprised by things that come up.”

Maria Furtwängler: “I’d like to make a musical crime scene.”

After 20 years, she can help define what surprises Charlotte Lindholm will experience. She had some ideas. “I would like to do a musical crime scene. That would be ridiculous. Charlotte Lindholm is a character who really likes to be in control. And of course it’s a pleasure to put her in situations where she loses control. That is where it is fun.”

Similar real detectives are retiring at the age of 63. Charlotte Lindholm is only 54 years old, according to Maria Furtwängler. So she still had time to try new things with this role.

Göttingen Crime Scene: “Revenge of the World” with Lindholm on October 9 at ARD

On October 9, 2022 at 8:15 p.m., there will be the new Charlotte Lindholm affair with Maria Furtwängler. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can find seven of Lindholm’s crime scenes at ARD’s media library.

More information

Charlotte (Maria Furtwängler) and Robin (Jenns Harzer) with Udo Lindenberg at the Hotel Atlantic Scene from ARD / NDR TATORT: ALLES COME BACK, Sunday (12/26/21) 8:15 p.m. at ERSTE © NDR / Frizzi Kurkhaus Photo : Frizzi spa house

On June 26, the crime scene will be shown with Udo Lindenberg and Maria Furtwängler in the first. The episode is now in the ARD media library until December 245, 2022. External

Photo Gallery

A blonde woman with half-length hair, Chief Inspector Charlotte Lindholm, leans on a bar table around which several men are seated.  © NDR / Wolfgang Meier

20 years ago, Maria Furtwängler, as Commissioner Charlotte Lindholm, investigated the “crime scene”. more

Ben (Luke Pfaff) is shocked by the death of his friend.  Charlotte Lindholm (Maria Furtwängler) is a designer.  © NDR / Marc Meyerbroker

88 minutes

Professional soccer player Kevin Faber found dead on the shore of a lake. Inspector Lindholm investigates the football environment. 88 minutes

A man holds a remote control in front of a television broadcasting the daily news.  © dpa Photo: Marius Becker

Men speak more frequently on television than women. This emerges from the MaLisa Rostock study. more

Inspector Charlotte Lindholm (Maria Furtwängler) investigates village police officer Funk (Sven Walser).  © NDR / Wolfgang Meier

Farmer Johann Knauf found poisoned in Lasterm, Lower Saxony. Charlotte Lindholm faced a wall of silence during her investigation. Photo Gallery

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