What’s new in home cinema: This incredible horror movie shows how even the biggest clichés can give rise to new insights

A shack in the woods, a power outage and two people on drugs: Horror clichés pile up in ‘Scare Me’ — and on purpose! Because in this unusual film, the usual conventions are constantly and subtly subverted.

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When there’s a horror story, there’s a smart person who scrutinizes it for flaws in logic, clichés, and predictable twists.. Whether it’s a movie, a scary novel, or a fairy tale around a campfire or in front of a fireplace. New director Josh Rubin now dedicates an entire movie to this know-it-all line — plus the power of your imagination. Horror comedy movie Scare Me follows a budding horror writer and bestselling author who shares spooky stories in a shack in the woods during a power outage..

And that in every sense of the word! One minute they tear up the half-baked stories of their peers, and the next minute they shiver with fear because they can well imagine what they are saying. Two and a half years after its world premiere at the famous Sundance Festival, the film has finally found its way to Germany: ‘Scare Me’ is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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The film is suitable for fans of the genre as well as for frightened cats who want to get used to it: In “Scare Me” we don’t see the main characters’ horror stories, we only hear them – accompanied by the horrific soundscape they would see in “regular” horror movies.. This is a refreshing change for some, and for others a nice dose of dread to begin with.

“Scare me”: it’s all in your head – isn’t it?!

Fred (Josh Rubin) is a writer with a writer’s block. So he relies on the proven trick “a change of scenery brings inspiration” and rents a cabin in the woods. But nothing comes of inspiring calm, for he was reckoning without his chatty neighbor, successful horror author Fanny (Aya Cash). Because it snowed in the night and a contest began: they told each other scary stories. Even worse, competitive drunken (and diet) pastime seems to be gradually turning into real horror…

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Although the Sundance Festival is an unusual place to bring unusual horror films to the masses, Scare Me was a warm welcome there in 2020. The press has praised the finger exercise as a fun and refreshing technique in the horror tradition. In general, the movie “Scare Me” was well received by American critics: Bai rotten tomatoes The film has received commendable positive reviews of 82%. On the other hand, the motivated audience is more important in different rating platforms.

It could be at least partly a matter of anticipation. You simply shouldn’t be hoping for an ordinary horror film from “Scare Me” – it’s a powerfully graphic, vocal yet highly effective narrative competition during which many horror clichés are used and then abandoned again so vividly and surprisingly. Anyone participating can look forward to breathing fresh air in everyday life with Scare Me. – And delivered a fictional parody that avoids slapstick exceptionally well.

Unfortunately, the plot around the main rival characters deviates from the beaten path. However, the film is well worth a look for anyone who has become curious about these paragraphs. And if you have the bait: There is another horror film in which horror spreads on a sound level – “Berberian Sound Studio”.. In it, Toby Jones plays a sound designer tasked with developing strange and horrifying soundtracks for Italian shockers that are full of sex and violence. During his detailed work, truth and fiction gradually became blurred…

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