FDP content is done in the traffic light

The meme of Justice Minister Marco Buschmann makes these rounds. The FDP politician shows with a quote from him: “There is an absolute end to all procedures, and all procedures end at the latest with the beginning of spring on March 20, 2022.” Kids in schools, adults in bars and the outdoors for everyone. Exceptions are made for those who have a missed injection every three months and therefore take the shots of the vaccine from Karl Lauterbach (SPD), which he ordered during a spending period.

Lauterbach reigns

Seven-point plan: Traffic lights give countries “tools” for the winter

Bushman bowed. Lauterbach allowed the whole country to share how he was presented to the liberal justice minister: the topic, which was so important for the FDP, was announced during the Buschmann holiday. Lauterbach was the first to determine the direction. The minister from Leverkusen was able to celebrate on Twitter the restrictions he imposed to put pressure on people who did not want to have a needle injected every three months. Yesterday’s share of Biontech rose by more than 10 euros.

Bushman had to do all of this daily themes to explain. from the home office. With unfavorable complexion. The Minister of Justice appeared as he often does in public appearances: like a pupil who had not been invited to splendid parties and now had to explain to the teacher that he did not do his homework either. Buschmann could justify his savior’s promise by the size and clear words of Adenauer that he was not interested in his “talk from yesterday”. But Bushman is not very tall, and he certainly does not speak in clear words. His statements are so complex that their interpretation would make a difficult subject for a high school diploma.

Karl Lauterbach’s opponent

Justice Minister Bushman agrees with voters to surrender to Corona cases

Buschmann has three lines of defense: the first is that lockdowns or curfews are exempt from the Contagion Protection Act. Buschmann doesn’t say mask requirements in bars and restaurants or even outside, in the open air, are equivalent to closures through the backdoor. He doesn’t have to fear critical questions in ARD either.

His second line of defense is that much is now within the power of countries. With whom the Bushmann passes the responsibility. What is the duty of a dog, and the federal states are up to the Secretary of Justice when it comes to Corona measures. And third, Bushman says, without the FDP, everything would have been much worse. It is the line of defence, on which there was clearly a widespread language base in the FDP. With their version of “It wasn’t all bad,” liberals are promoting themselves on social networks. Liberals must first of all make a living out of politics. Those with a real job are largely silent – the Freedom and Development Party (FDP) embarrassed them that day.

In 2017, the FDP returned to the Bundestag. Your boss Christian Lindner negotiated a Jamaican coalition, but then it exploded without warning. This caused outrage – among swing voters, because Lindner didn’t dare publicly state why he let the negotiations explode: because he realized how much Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had worked in the country and was involved in the process he didn’t. want to share. Party members were upset that Lindner refused government participation. Many of them are lobbyists – operators of public relations agencies, other businessmen, officials of parastatal organizations and administrators. They do not expect liberal policies from their party. They expect orders, influence, and flyers from their party. The Free Democratic Party in the opposition is of no use to them.

Lined up

The list of broken FDP promises grows every day

Lindner was in crisis. During almost the entire election period, the FDP barely managed to get more than 5 percent in the polls. There has been public speculation about whether the president still has a future. But then came the epidemic. The first wave, which said that not much is known about the virus and that time should be bought to gather information. The second wave in which the country has not returned yet. The breakwater was announced to be “closed” for four weeks, after which it lasted for eight months. With a nightly curfew, the occasional obligation to wear masks outdoors and plenty of school cancellations. This has been shown to lead to a loss of education for children and young adults. Likewise, the number of mental illnesses in young people has exploded due to pandemic policy and intimidation along the lines of the “Absolute Killer Alternative”. We still don’t know if such measures helped contain the virus, Bushman had to announce in June: Like a schoolboy who wasn’t invited to great parties and now has to explain to his teacher that he forgot his homework too.

The epidemic will end with vaccines. It has been said. The epidemic will end when treatment is available. It has been said. The epidemic ends when basic immunization is achieved. It has been said. It’s all there now. Accordingly, Europe is ending the Corona measures. In Great Britain, Spain, Holland, France, Austria … just not in Germany. Wherever a liberal party participates in government promising to restore normality, the Lauterbach panic continues to emerge and the reins are tightened again after a short summer. When an ex-party participates in the rule of law, even the freedom to demonstrate is actually shaken. Government couldn’t be less liberal than a traffic light.

falling star”

DUP Justice Minister Bushman thrives on the falsity of a pseudo-liberal ideological theorist

Despite the Lindner crisis after 2017, the Democratic Action Party increased by 0.8 percentage points in 2021. The promise was successful: moderation in Corona policy is returning the country to normal life. The FDP owes its good results in September to that promise. There is no other subject, no fancy PR agency and certainly no Christian Lindner in an undershirt. The FDP made a promise and broke it. Like in 2009, when the Liberals promised tax cuts but didn’t deliver. In 2013 they were expelled from the Bundestag.

Also because the FDP has no other topic. When liberals close their lips, they whistle to the tune of digitization. But this is a fantasy in Germany. Reality looks different and is called, for example, the law of proof. While other EU countries are digitizing processes and relaxing companies in management, Germany is going in the exact opposite direction – more administrative efforts, a ban on digitization, a commitment to submit everything manually signed. In Germany, the Free Democratic Party rules, but the country is becoming less liberal by the day.

neoliberal cheese

Reasons for the collapse: The Freedom and Justice Party is acting cowardly and wrong

The FDP makes no significant case for liberals. exactly the contrary. On every issue important to liberals, a traffic light helps lead the country in the other direction: in economic policy, the FDP accepts that the state rules more and more corporations. In legal politics, the FDP accepts that the state can increasingly spy on its citizens online. Even innocent. And in fiscal policy, Christian Lindner is not like any responsible minister before him because of the accumulation of debts. Even if he calls it a “private asset investment”.

Buschmann showed himself confident in one subject. When it comes to the family situation of transgender people. The Liberal Minister is not bothered by the fact that there are severe penalties for addressing someone with what appears to be the wrong name. He is very happy about that time And the southern Germany He wrote nice things about him. Like a student who is still not invited to the fancy clique parties, but is left alone by the schoolyard participants.

Lindner and Bushman are just pale in appearance. As defenders of liberal positions, they even failed miserably. “It wasn’t all bad” not enough as an attitude. Transport Minister Volker Wessing remains. After all, he negotiated the budget to rebuild old highway bridges. But the bottom line is that the party is dead and waiting to be voted on.


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