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You can access the Prime Video offer either with an individual subscription or as an Amazon Prime customer. Amazon Prime benefits include premium free shipping when shopping online, Amazon Prime Music viewing, which can be used at no additional cost, and Amazon Prime Video flat-rate movie and series. There you will find movies, series, and documentaries, among others. But also a lot of content for kids.

How much does Amazon Prime Video cost?

In order to be able to use Amazon Prime Video, an Amazon Prime subscription is required. New customers have the opportunity to use Amazon Prime for 30 days for free. After that, the service currently costs 7.99 euros per month. Alternatively, there is also the option to opt for the annual subscription. This currently costs €69 in Germany and Austria, which is €5.75 per month.

As of September 15, 2022, Amazon’s Prime subscription will be more expensive. Then the premium subscription increases to €8.99 with a monthly payment. If you choose the annual subscription, you have to pay 89.90 euros – 20 euros more than before. If you’re interested in Amazon Prime, it may be worth getting an annual subscription before the price increases. Then you pay the cheaper old price for a whole year.

Students get the opportunity to use Amazon Prime Student for free for six months and then get a 50% discount on their Prime membership. You can use Amazon with a yearly subscription for €34 – or €4.49 per month. In Belgium and Luxembourg, Amazon Prime only charges €49 per year or €4.99 per month for a standard annual subscription.

Many add-ons are available for free for Prime customers. These include the following services:

video head

Unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and series including download function for offline use. You can also access live broadcasts of some UEFA Champions League matches. Prime Video is currently broadcasting the best UEFA Champions League match every Tuesday. All other European Premier League games can be watched on DAZN.


Over 2 million songs and podcasts – no ads. Important: Many new songs are not initially available via Prime Music. This requires a subscription to Music Unlimited, which includes additional costs. Here you can access no less than 75 million songs, as promised by Amazon.

Prime Minister Pictures

Unlimited photo storage in Amazon Drive. Gone are the days when you had to worry about limited storage space on your smartphone. Moreover, there is 5 GB of free storage space for videos.

key reading

A limited flat price for e-books is part of the subscription. Hundreds of e-books, e-magazines, comics, and Kindle songs are available to Prime customers at no additional charge. Perfect for your next vacation or a longer trip by train or plane. But the same applies here: the selection of e-books is limited.

Prime gaming

Every month, Amazon also offers its Prime customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in virtual gaming worlds at no additional charge. Because with Prime Gaming, you can, among other things, download a number of games selected by Amazon for free.

Premium Free Shipping

Amazon ships millions of items to Prime members faster than regular customers. In addition, free same-day delivery is available in more and more regions – order today, and after a few hours the parcel service will be at your doorstep with the ordered goods.

Excellent access to lightning deals

Amazon offers its customers thousands of special offers every day. Prime customers can access these potential bargain offers 30 minutes in advance.

amazon family

Up to 20% off diapers and baby food in a savings subscription plus exclusive discounts and promotions.

New series on Prime Video

And if you are wondering which new series you can watch on Prime Video, we will tell you in the form of a comprehensive table. Not only does it give you information about new series launching in the coming weeks, but it also looks out of the box. Because there are already some other new ads that we don’t want to block from you.

nickname series available from
paper girls 1 29 July 2022
hostess 2 29 July 2022
All or nothing: Arsenal 1 August 4, 2022
their own league 1 August 12 2022
elegance 1 August 19, 2022
the walking Dead 11 August 22 2022
Lord of the rings 1 September 2, 2022
demonic 1 2022
reducers 2 2022
good omens 2 2022
love addicts 1 2022
Luden 1 2022
German Crime Story: Bound 1 Autumn 2022
The Griffin 1 2023
Anansi Boys 1 still unknown
treatment 1 still unknown
Lord of the rings 2 still unknown
hunters 2 still unknown
Mammals 1 still unknown
boys 4 still unknown
Consulate 1 still unknown
The summer you turned beautiful 2 still unknown
Peripherals 1 still unknown
Things I know are true 1 still unknown
Download 3 still unknown

New movies on Prime Video

Amazon not only offers series but also movies to its customers with Prime Video. And part of the show is not only licensed titles from famous film studios, but also in-house productions. The table below shows the new (and older) movies that will be available on Amazon in the coming weeks.

nickname Available from
after sunset 29 July 2022
Gunther killed 30 July 2022
the mask August 1, 2022
Escape from Pretoria August 1, 2022
thirteen lives August 5, 2022 amazon original movie
The Hunger Games franchise August 5, 2022
Annabelle comes home August 7, 2022
synchronization August 8, 2022
tax collector August 8, 2022
simple passion August 9, 2022
Roca changed the world August 15, 2022
Benedita August 15, 2022
Annette August 16, 2022
the first love August 19, 2022
Samaritan August 26, 2022 amazon original movie
Untrapped: The Story of Lil’ Baby August 26, 2022 amazon original movie
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning August 31, 2022

An overview of all movie titles currently available can be found on the Amazon Prime Video homepage or via the linked apps.

By the way: If you are interested in a new series on Netflix or the latest series on Sky, we have the overview for you too. We’ll also update you about the latest releases in Disney+ every month.

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