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These series and movies will be shown on Netflix in August 2022

The streaming provider Netflix increases its offer every month. Here you can find out about the series and movies that will be released in August 2022. Overview.

New on Netflix in August 2022

For each month, the streaming giant publishes a list of highlights that expand the show. Including series, movies, documentaries and popular shows. Here we show what’s new in August 2022.

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Netflix: New Series in August 2022

  • big Tree city Season 1 (August 1): Kids’ animated series: Animal heroes protect Big Tree City. To do this, they use special skills and fast vehicles.
  • good morning, Veronica Season 2 (August 3): Brazilian Thriller Series: Based on the novel by Rafael Montes and Ilana Cassoy, the second part starring police officer Veronica arrives in August.
  • Kakiguru twins Season 1 (August 4): Anime series
  • Tamara Falco: no Marchesa Season 1 (August 4): Reality Show
  • amazing giant Android Brothers Season 1 (August 4): Children’s series
  • sand man Season 1 (August 5): Comedy adaptation: Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman. The Sandman, a centuries-old cosmic being, is freed from his captivity.
  • twenty five twenty One Season 1 (August 5): Romance
  • Team Zenko he goes – Season Two (August 8): Children’s series
  • I just killed my father Season 1 (August 9): Courts Series
  • lock and key Season 3 (August 10): Mystery Series: The last season of the series begins. How will the Magic Keys and the residents of the Keyhouse end?
  • immediately dreams residence Season 1 (August 10): Reality Show
  • Indian good luck Season 2 (August 10): Reality Show
  • iron coach Brazil Season 1 (August 10): Cooking Show
  • School Tales Series Season 1 (August 10): Mystery Series
  • dotta: the Dragon the blood Season 3 (August 11th): Anime series
  • Never in my life…(Start You have I was not) Season 3 (August 12): Comedy series
  • typical family Season 1 (August 12): Thriller series
  • Diba And the I swear Season 1 (August 15): Children’s series
  • glowing fire Season 1 (August 17): Telenovela
  • Nada Sospetos Season 1 (August 17): Comedy series
  • Tekken: dynasty Season 1 (August 18): Anime series
  • He-Man and masters of the universe Season 3 (August 18): Animated series
  • The Cuphead Displays! Season Two (August 19): Animated series
  • reverberation – Season 1 (August 19): Mystery and Thriller series
  • cleo Season 1 (August 19): Thriller: A former East German spy (Gila Haas) wants to find out who betrayed her and why.
  • Alma Season 1 (August 19): Drama series
  • The Cuphead show Season Two (August 19): Animated series
  • the walking Dead The eleventh season, part one (August 22): a horror series
  • Chad and GT deepen Season 1 (August 23): Comedy series
  • Monday Season 1 (August 24): Comedy series
  • first Epic – Miniseries (24 August)
  • Under pressure at bay Season 1 (August 24): Drama series
  • Sale O. Season 1 (August 24): Reality Show: The OC Sale is part of the popular reality show The Sunset Sale. Here, too, real estate agents want to broker luxury homes and apartments.
  • Like me eye: Brazil Season 1 (August 24th): Reality Show
  • date bit Season Two (August 25): Documentary series
  • Angry Birds: Summer Madness – Season 3 (August 25): Animated series
  • relakomas Adventures in the amusement park Season 1 (August 25): Anime series
  • Hard Disk: N Maalouf road Season 1 (August 26): Reality Show
  • ludic Season 1 (August 26): The crime series
  • Partner path Season 1 (August 26): Drama series
  • Jabbar expression Season 7 (August 29): Children’s series
  • I’m a murderer Season 3 (August 30th): The crime series
  • family secrets Season 1 (August 31): Drama series
  • club America Reverse club America Season 1 (August 31): Documentary series

Netflix: New Movies August 2022

  • A fiasco: Woodstock ’99 (August 2): Documentation
  • Buba (August 3) Comedy: In the prequel to “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”, a petty crook joins the Mafia with his brother.
  • Don’t blame karma! (August 3) Comedy
  • wedding season (August 4): Romantic Comedy
  • Carter (August 5): Work
  • rise subordinate Teen mutant ninja turtle: the film (August 5th): Animated movie
  • Darling (August 5): Bollywood movie
  • Claims (August 6): Family Drama
  • Password: emperor (August 8): Thrilling story
  • Melted in Air: The Last Big Bank Robbery (August 10): Documentary about the true crime
  • Junul Heart song (August 10): Romance
  • Spends On the Plane: The Leo Becker Story (August 11th): Documentary
  • 13: The Musical (August 12): Music
  • Rosy day (August 12): Fantasy Action Thriller: Action-comedy stars Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg, and more. The father of a young daughter (Jamie Foxx) works as a pool cleaner by day and a vampire hunter by night.
  • Indescribable: girlfriend From didnR Existing (August 16): Documentary
  • Indescribable: The rise and fall and 1 (August 16): Documentary
  • Indescribable: flagrant violation process (August 16): Documentary
  • look Both Methods (August 17): Drama
  • Royal two (August 17): Teen Romance
  • What do cats think (August 18): Documentary
  • 365 days – another day (August 19): Drama
  • full metal chemist revenge From scar (August 20): Animated movie
  • Two are like bad luck and sulfur (24 August): Comedy
  • Come to Hell or High Water: The Wild World of John McAfee (August 24): Crime movie
  • who – whichcupid (August 25): Comedy
  • I time (August 26): COMEDY: The family man (Mark Wahlberg) finally gets some time to himself, but then meets an old friend (Kevin Hart) with whom he shares a wild weekend.
  • The next one 365 days (August 26): Softcore series
  • flood vibration (August 26): Crime movie
  • Boy needs some fresh air (August 26): Comedy
  • Loving Adult (August 26): Psychological Thriller
  • no jiva – the main (August 29): Thriller
  • I came by (August 31): Thrilling story

Netflix costs: How much does a Netflix subscription cost?

You can get a basic subscription starting at 7.99€ per month. This gives users unrestricted access to Netflix movies and series. If you want a particularly high resolution or want to stream with multiple devices at the same time, you pay up to €17.99 per month (as of April 2022).

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