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Dirk Steermann is probably the most famous German in Austria. His new book “Maxim” is inspiring as a funny collection of anecdotes.

by Katja Esbach

He became known as a radio presenter and cabaret artist. Sternman likes to explain to stranger Germans in the south. In his novel Six Austrians Among the Top Five, he told strange stories from his life in Vienna. His new book “Maxim” has been published.

In the epilogue, Dirk Sterman preemptively answers the question critics and readers might ask him after reading it: This novel, as he wrote, is largely fictional. Some people are real and some people are imaginary.

Maxim starts with an unbeatable job offer

This observation is important because moderator and cabaret artist Dirk Sternman writes in first person for the medium and cabaret artist Dirk Sternman. Both, the real one and the other from the book, of course have things in common. You live in Vienna and are known from radio and television. The point at which the real Sternman separates from the novelist may interest readers, but it is not important to the novel. It starts with an unbeatable job offer for Nina Stearman’s girlfriend.

“I got a call. From New York. I can start from there at the Austrian Cultural Forum.” (…) “New York” muttered. “How do you imagine that?” “Like the last four years,” said Nina. “Just the opposite.”

For the past four years, Nina has mainly taken care of her son Hermann, while his father Stearmann has been on stage in the Austrian provinces almost every day or appeared on his TV show. Since he can’t cancel his planned shows and Nina won’t give up, a babysitter is needed. You will receive 42 requests for the corresponding declaration:

What was lost in the list of applicants? Massim. “Do anything” Read the picture of the man who was bald and in a faded, dirty shirt. How did this oriental butcher get to the list of educated girls? (…) Maybe he wanted to sign up for the worker hook page, but he ended up here because he doesn’t speak German. Like an elephant in a china shop for kids.

Specialist in exotics

In the end, Maxim actually becomes the babysitter of little Hermann, also because the baby immediately takes the guy from Ukraine to heart. For Germans, Dirk Steermann is the specialist when it comes to the Austrian lifestyle and exotic characteristics. In Austria, he writes, he is known to have thumb pain:

Dirk Sterman’s new book is not a novel, but a collection of anecdotes that have real-world implications. The reading pleasure is still high, due to the good observer and funny storyteller Sterman. He writes very movingly and has a sense of weird characters and funny situations.

Maxim, unsurprisingly, turned out to be the perfect babysitter. Hermann loves him and Dirk Stermann quickly realizes that Maxim has some very useful talents in everyday life, including methods of Ukrainian debt collection. And when the stakes of clichés become too great, Maxime turns out to be a very different person than expected.

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