“Snow on Kilimanjaro” on Arte in Live and TV: Robert Guédiguian Film on Arte

Today, August 3, 2022, “Snow on Kilimanjaro” by Robert Godejian will be broadcast on TV. Here you can find out where you can watch the tape, both on “classic” TV only and also on the Internet, as well as when it will be repeated.

Today, August 3, 2022, the feature film “Snow on Kilimanjaro” is shown on television. You must be on time 10:35 PM hour in Good heart Stay tuned, because that’s when Robert Guédiguian’s movie comes out. For those who prefer watching TV online: Arte also offers online live streaming.

‘Snow on Kilimanjaro’ today live and on TV: This is what Robert Gidgian’s movie is about

Michel and Marie Claire have been married for 30 years and live a quiet life with their children and grandchildren. When dedicated unionist Michel becomes unemployed and family savings are stolen during a burglary, the family is initially shocked – especially since one of the culprits is Michel’s former classmate. However, they end up with the loving care of the penniless brothers of the now imprisoned man. A specialist docker and unionist from the start, Michel retired very early after a round of layoffs at his shipyard in Marseille. Now he lives with his wife Marie Claire, with whom he has been married for 30 years, a quiet, albeit slightly bourgeois life, which is determined mainly by the visits of their children, grandchildren and friends. However, the couple’s simple life is shattered when Michelle and Marie Claire are brutally robbed. In the process, their shared savings are stolen, with which they wanted to enable a trip to Kilimanjaro. When it later turns out that one of the culprits is a former classmate of Michelle, the syndicate is shocked. However, the couple begins to lovingly take care of the younger brother of the now imprisoned man. French director Robert Godegian (“Last Days in the Ellysée”), himself the son of a docker, presented a poignant drama of solidarity and humanity, loosely inspired by Victor Hugo’s poem “Les pauvres gens” set in his native Marseille. His film reminds us of the politically committed films of Mike Lee, Ken Loach and Nanny Moretti and inspires him with humor and local color. The main roles in the social drama are played by Jean-Pierre Darussin and Ariane Ascaride, two of the regular actors of the director, who shot almost all of his films in Marseille. Guédiguian once described the French port city as “my treasury of imagination.” “From a director with such obvious political conviction, one can now fear a dull or even sentimental didactic play, devoid of any irony or ambivalence. That is not the case here—but Guedjian also opted for a form of subtle escape, which is now almost preferable to exit. From cinema currently by left-wing directors extraterritorially: they tell fairy tales. Perhaps this is the Provencal fantasy of solidarity that is being highlighted. However, the impulses still come from France, the pariah neighbor in the eurozone, where ‘cinema’ can seem Social Critical “When you love your characters as a director more than lecturing to the audience.” (Source: Aarti, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

“Snow on Kilimanjaro” August 3, 2022: Replayed online at Arte Media Library and on TV

Can’t you see Kilimanjaro Snow at 10:35 PM today? Arte media library can be useful here. There you will find many TV reports after the online broadcast as video-on-demand for broadcast. There will be no iterations on TV at Arte at the moment. As a rule, you will find the program online after the TV broadcast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments.

“Snow on Kilimanjaro” on TV: all actors and information at a glance

to: Robert Godijian

with: Ariane Ascaride, Jean-Pierre Darussin, Gerard Milan, Marilyn Canto, Grégoire Lebrance-Ringer, Anais Demoustier, Adrien Jolevette, Robinson Stephenin, Carol Rocher, Julie Marie Parmentier, Pierre Nene, Yann Lepater, Jean Baptiste, Empatere Hidrot, Anthony Decadiique and Frédé Bonnal, Miguel Ferreira, Jeanine Gévaudan, Flavio Tortora, Naïm Pardoux, Carla Bensoussan, Simon Frenay, Gabrielle Forest, Mélissa Barbaud

In the: 8/3/2022

in: aarti

original title: Les neiges du Kilimanjaro

scriptBy: Robert Godijian and Jean-Louis Millesi

Camera: Pierre Mellon

Music: Pascal Mayer and Gennaro Nocerino

Type: Drama, Humor, Crime

FSK: Approved for ages 12 and up

height: 100 minutes (from 22:35 to 00:15)

year of production: 2011

HD: yes

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