New ‘Die For You’ single: How Heidenheim singer Philip Matas wants to get a foothold in the music industry

On the day Philip Matas was shot, it was snowing on Hirschalde in Schneetheim. After a long chase in the former quarry, Matas is finally captured by his stalker. They force him to kneel before them Put a gun to his forehead And – the picture is black, only one shot can be heard. Fortunately, it’s all just a fantasy. And Philip Matas? He is on alert.

The 23-year-old singer from Heidenheim took the title of his new song “Die For You” literally while filming the music video. In his role, Matas frees a young woman from the hands of the gang group he belongs to. She has little time for betrayal and haunts the two, which ultimately leads to the death of Mata’s character. Excitement accompanied R’n’B’s vibrant, modern rhythms, relaxed Latin groove and Matas’ soulful voice.


“I am very happy with the result,” says the singer proudly. He obviously feels comfortable in the recording studio as well as in front of the camera, which was by no means always the case. For example, Matas’ performance at his concert in 2019 was supposed to be a “painful experience”: “I wanted to sing even though I had a cold, But I spoiled every note. Remembers the 23-year-old.

However, his appearance the following year would have been much happier. in Show “Black Lives Matter” in Ulm Matas criticized racism. “I was thrown into the deep end a bit.” In the end, it turned out that the water was not as cold as had been feared. The campaign also raised his level of awareness: just a few months later, the city of Heidenheim asked Matas for a musical campaign against environmental pollution (See separate text).

Filming a music video in Heidenheim

The song was produced by Amin Johnson, and Heidenheim’s advertising agency Dreamland was behind the accompanying music video. After “Meine City” they definitely wanted to continue working with Philip Matas. In 2021, the first single “Never Let You Go” was created under the pseudonym “PM”. Matas also kept it at home for “Die For You”. The video was shot by Heidenheim film director and photographer David Schwann and filmed on Herscheldy as well as in Trinity Church. All the actors and actresses in the video come from Matas’ circle of friends and acquaintances – Claudio Mactoili, who plays the gangster boss in the video, directed “Never Let You Go”.

So you can see: the relationship with the home is important to a young musician. Matas works full time as a specialist Business insurance and financing In Heidenheim, a job that gives me a lot of pleasure and at the same time offers a strong foothold. “I’m a dreamer, but I’m not a dreamer,” Matas asserts. Although a music career is the goal of the 23-year-old, he first wants to explore his own style of music and make his own way in the music field.

Philip Matas took first place in the talent competition at the Günzburg Bulls discotheque.
© Photo: Mixpix Ulm

However, this does not mean that there is no progress in terms of music at the moment: “In five years, I would like to It has a solid foundation in the music industry And to be signed to a company,” says Matas. The plans are ambitious, but the singer set the track for them long ago. His music is still being created on his own. It takes six months from the first line of lyrics to recording in the recording studio to the final music video. .

The fencing singer: The lost musician Philip Matas

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The next song is already being planned. It will be very special. At the beginning of the year, Felipe Matas managed to take first place in the Talent Contest “Voice of the Pulse” by Jonesburger Paul Discotheque Sticking with his award: a song produced by DJ Turnrock that, among other things, actually produced music for Gzuz from the hip-hop group “187 Strassenbande”.

The fencing singer: Philip Matas misled the musician

Heidenheim rapper Philip Matas: this is how the music video for

How does Heidenheimer support movement?

Felipe Matas: A Song Against Vandalism, Vaccination Campaign Sample, Arrest Warrant

Philip Matas has already snuck into the ambassadorship of his hometown twice. In the summer of 2020, he recorded the rap song “Meine City” and the music video for Heidenheim. With the campaign, the city wanted to position itself against garbage, pollution, and vandalism.

Matas made his appearance available in the summer of 2021 for a vaccination campaign in the Heidenheim region. With the poster campaign, the district wanted to promote more readiness for vaccination.

Only recently Matas shared the stage with rapper Haftbifl, who is known throughout Germany. Matas managed to perform two hitherto unreleased songs at the Raccoon Club in Heidenheim. Appearing with an arrest warrant, he will probably remember for a long time: “It was a huge success for me,” the singer said.

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