‘Last Night Diana’: How did Mrs. Dee really die?

Updated on 08/03/2022 at 12:44 PM

How did Lady Di really die? The documentary “Diana’s Last Night” addresses this question. The film meticulously traces the final hours of the “Queen of Hearts”. In the end, the viewer sees a lot more clearly.

Today, at a time when social media has completely changed the nature of celebrities, it seems rather unrealistic. In the ’90s, Lady Diana was like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Zendaya, and Helen Fisher. If it’s on the cover of a magazine, publishers can expect record sales. When Lady Diana died in 1997, 2.5 billion people were said to have watched her funeral on television. Every third of the population of the planet. 25 years ago, the ex-wife of Prince Charles had an accident in the Alma tunnel in Paris with her lover Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul. However, the fascination with Mrs. Di did not subside.

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ZDF has now shown “Diana’s Last Night” by Annika Blendl, Ulrike Grunewald and Leonie Stade, which meticulously traces the circumstances of her death, based on investigative documents “Operation Paget’s Investigation Report into Conspiracy and Murder Allegation” and “Scott Baker Enquist Hearing Scripts.” To do this, they deal with rumors and conspiracy theories that appear immediately after the misfortune of the “Queen of Hearts”.

The suspicious billionaire seeks his own interest

Responsible for some of them is Mohamed Al-Fayed, the Egyptian billionaire and father of Lady Di’s lover who had an accident in which Diana became pregnant with his son Dodi.

Al-Fayed is a controversial figure in Britain. In 1985 the billionaire bought the traditional Harrods department store, and the dispute over the legality of the deal has been carried out in court for years. Because of his shady business practices (including bribing Members of Parliament), he was denied British citizenship. At this point, the hour-and-a-half documentary, which brings together many contemporaries from Lady Diana’s butler to photographers and detectives, is gaining momentum.

“It was the perfect cup for him”

The film combines game scenes and interviews with original footage of approaching the day of the tragedy. Documentation paints a picture of a love triangle where everyone pursues their own good. The fatal events were triggered by Mohamed Al-Fayed, who invited Diana to spend the summer of 1997 with her children on his yacht in St. Tropez. “It was the perfect cup for him,” said a witness to the film. For her part, the former Princess of Wales is using the holiday to garner media attention and spoil the 50th birthday celebrations of her eternal rival and lover Prince Charles: Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Mohamed Al-Fayed’s son Dodi plays the game later. A provocation to the English nobles, the careless, charming and arrogant Egyptian, who had never had to work a day in his life. How serious the relationship is is still unclear, but the film paints a picture of two people looking for publicity for their relationship. Because after the first kiss on a yacht, perhaps arranged with the paparazzi, the paparazzi follow them everywhere.

“Last night, Diana”: a lot of unfortunate circumstances

In the documentary, this is the point where the unfortunate events intensify and the circumstances surrounding Ms. Dee’s death paint a more complete picture. The Queen of Hearts operates without the protection of Scotland Yard specialists. Dodi Al Fayed’s bodyguards have no experience with the paparazzi. The Mercedes that Lady D is traveling in that night on August 31, 1997 has been in the workshop 17 times. Driver Henri Paul, an alcoholic, drank two glasses of Ricard and took the antidepressant Prozac before driving. When the car, fleeing the photographers, crashed into a bridge pier, none of the passengers were wearing seat belts. Henry Paul and Dodi Al Fayed died at the scene and Diana was on her way to the hospital.

By the end of “Diana’s Last Night,” it’s clear that no matter how many rumors Al Fayed may have spread, in the end there are a lot of unfortunate factors that come together. Several court cases have now classified the event as an accident. Diana passed away on August 31, 1997 at around 4 a.m. However, it has not completely disappeared. Almost prophetically, Elton John sang in the song “Goodbye England’s Rose” dedicated to her: “Your flame has gone out, but your legend will live on.” The ZDF film is another piece of mosaic that keeps her memory alive.

Princess Diana

It has been 25 years since Princess Diana lost her life in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997 at the age of 36. Lady Di went down in history as the “Queen of Hearts”. However, her life was marked by many tragic moments. review …

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