9 Netflix Tips for August

Robbery, Hack and Demolition: Thrilling missions and supernatural creatures await on Netflix in August. There is something for everyone in the relationship between diverse documentaries and fiction.

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This is what it’s about:

Two months after a deadly epidemic that began in the DMZ and rocked the United States and North Korea, Carter wakes up with no recollection of his past. He has a strange device in his head and a deadly bomb in his mouth. An unfamiliar voice gives him instructions through the device.

The bomb could go off at any moment – unless he rescues the one girl believed to be the antidote to the virus. But the CIA and a North Korean military coup followed him in this endeavor.

Carter must complete his mission and move north to find the girl. His intense struggle for survival unfolds in this fast-paced action movie.

Available on Netflix: from August 5

This is what it’s about: Life isn’t always easy in Los Angeles. Freedom and low income are the fears of a hardworking father (Jamie Foxx ) who is trying to ask his daughter for a better life. However, since this is not possible as a pool cleaner in the San Fernando Valley, he uses camouflage for his main job: hunting and killing vampires as a member of an international association of vampire hunters.

Available on Netflix: From August 12

This is what it’s about: Natalie’s lifeLili ReinhartShe changes drastically the evening before she graduates from university. Her life is divided into two parallel realities. While in one she does not leave her hometown and becomes pregnant, and in the other she moves to Los Angeles to open new doors in her career. Whether she is an artist in one reality or another, she goes through harsh romantic experiences and is on a journey to her true self.

Danny RamirezAnd the David CorinsuiteAnd the Aisha DiAnd the Andrea SavageAnd the Luke Wilson And the Nia Long It can also be seen in “look both ways”. Orientation Wanuri Kahiu.

Available on Netflix: From 17 August

Tawtheeq (film)

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This is what it’s about: The documentary film “In the Air: The Last Great Bank Robbery” directed by Matthias Guilport It is produced by Sebastian Gamba And the Julian RousseauIn exclusive interviews, he reveals how the most famous bank robbery in Argentina was revealed. In 2006, a group of men stormed a bank in Buenos Aires, took 23 hostages, stole millions of dollars and jewelry from safes, and then disappeared.

After escaping, the ex-wife of one of the thieves betrayed the perpetrators, who were brought to justice and eventually sentenced to prison. How did the perpetrators get away with it? In this insightful documentary, officials tell how this perfect coup happened.

Subtitle source: Netflix

Available on Netflix: From August 10

Documents (series)

This is what it’s about: In fact, Woodstock 99 was meant to be a celebration of peace, love, and great music. Instead, the festival that would have constituted the Millennium ended as a fiasco after fires, riots, and destruction.

Using rare footage and interviews with participants, including an impressive roster of festival staff, artists and visitors, this documentary series offers a behind-the-scenes look at the self, greed, and music that characterized the complete mayhem of the three-day festival.

Source: Netflix

Available on Netflix: From August 3

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This is what it’s about: “You Just Killed My Father” tells the true story of the Templet family: Anthony Templet He shot his father and he never denied it. The reasons for this amazing act are explained in the documentary series. How to do this is also highlighted AnthonyPsychologically affected and the reach of profound influences.

This three-part documentary series explores Anthony’s psyche that led up to the events of June 3, 2019 and their mental and emotional ramifications.

Available on Netflix: From August 9

This is what it’s about: Hawaiian-born American football star manti tiou He lives a very simple life that can be summed up in three words: faith, family and football. Nothing can go wrong for the golden boy of college football.

But if tragedy strikes, a media storm about online relationships could threaten his future and his legacy. This episode features an in-depth interview with manti tiou And the people behind online identity Ronaiah “Naya” Tuiasosopo.

Available on Netflix From August 16

Chain Tips

This is what it’s about: 1987: Senior GDR spy Cleo liquidates a businessman in West Berlin on behalf of a secret Stasi commando. But shortly thereafter, she was arrested by the Stasi on flimsy grounds, and even slandered by her grandfather. After two years in prison, the wall suddenly fell and Cleo was released. It soon turns out that the plot against them is much larger than expected and that the ominous red bag seems to play a decisive role.

And so Cleo embarks on a campaign of revenge that takes her through chaotic Berlin, through improvised electric clubs and Finca Mallorcan and finally to the Chilean Atacama Desert. Always followed by West Berlin policeman Sven, who feels the downfall of his life here.

Source: Netflix

Available on Netflix: from August 19

This is what it’s about: Alma had a bus accident on her school trip. She wakes up in the hospital with little recollection of the accident that killed most of her classmates. Her house is filled with mysterious mementos, and both amnesia and trauma cause her to have nightmares and visions that she cannot fathom.

Together with known strangers – her friends and family – she tries to restore her old life and solve the mystery of the accident.

Available on Netflix: from August 19

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