Where is Hunter Moore today?

The Internet’s Most Hated Man is the new documentary that has caught the attention of Netflix viewers. It comes after the rise and fall of the revenge porn site isanyoneup.com and tells the story through the eyes of several victims who died under vicious bullying and beatings. to its founder Hunter Moore, but where is this man today and what is he doing?

Following the success of The Tinder Swindler, a new documentary has taken Netflix by storm. The internet’s most hated man tells the story of Hunter Moore, who launched a website called Tinder in 2010 Is Anyone Up. People (mostly men) can post pictures of their going out there, showing them in sexually explicit poses. This was supposed to be revenge, so to speak, and shaming online friends.

Particularly disgusting: The women have also been secretly photographed in changing rooms, on the beach or at parties, and nude photos have been posted on the site. Operator Hunter Moore even hired a hacker who stole private photos from someone else’s hard drive to post them. Personal data, and even the addresses of the victims were also made public. Moore was celebrated as a star by his “community” because his disgusting website, “Is Anyone Up” was so much fun for many men – for the victims it was the worst nightmare of their lives.

The rise and fall of Hunter Moore

Hunter Moore’s attacking women quickly made him rich. He earned up to $13,000 per month through online ads on his domain. Many of the female victims were helpless in front of him, and their pleas and pleas to have the photos deleted were futile. On the contrary: Moore openly mocked her!

In the end, as the Netflix documentary shows, it’s largely thanks to Charlotte Luz, the mother of one of the victims, that “Is Anyone Up” is over. She tirelessly collected evidence, collected other victims, exposed Moore’s actions, and eventually helped the indicted FBI Moore. After 16 months, the infamous website was taken down and the domain was given to the anti-bullying organization. In January 2014, Moore was arrested by the FBI on charges of conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft. He was initially released on $100,000 bail, and in February 2015, Moore pleaded guilty in court to aggravated identity theft. And for unauthorized access to a computer, he was sentenced to two years and six months in prison, paid a fine of $2,000 and also received. Ban social media.

Charlotte Law assisted the FBI convict Hunter Moore.

What is Hunter Moore doing today?

Little is currently known about Hunter Moore’s whereabouts. Moore, currently 36, was released from custody in May 2017 after agreeing to a three-year parole that is expected to expire in 2021.

After his release from prison, he told Substream magazine in 2017 that he now wanted to do EDM songs. He released Make The Internet Great again. He also appears to have written a book called Is Anyone Awake? The story of revenge porn. Little is known about Hunter Moore’s current life. He may also have refused to participate in the Netflix documentary.

Is Hunter Moore on social media?

Hunter Moore received a ban on social media in 2015, but of course this is difficult to implement because it is not easy to tell if someone is using social media or not. There is evidence that Moore is active on Twitter. While his original name (@Huntermoore) no longer exists, there are claims that he is active under new names. Among other things, Twitter accounts Tweet embed And the Tweet embed Call. On Instagram, Iamhuntermoore’s profile appears to belong to him, but it has not been actively used for several months.

Is Hunter Moore rich today?

Nothing is known about Hunter Moore’s net worth. However, there are ambiguous guesses. All Famous Birthdays assumes Hunter Moore currently has about $1.5 million. Mainly from advertising revenue from his former revenge porn site and also from sales of his book. In addition, after his conviction, he only had to pay very small fines, which probably did not harm him so badly from a financial point of view.

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