The new Duisburg thriller: The lust for murder grows on the Larry Rhine Dam

In the thrilling new Duisburg thriller, a serial killer hatches plans to kill him on the bank of the Rhine. In the book, the author mixes fantasy with real Duisburg.

“Duisburg has many beautiful sides, and I feel at home and comfortable here,” says Dieter Ebels. But in his homeland, the author from Neumol is regularly controlled by a lust for murder. He lives this up in his crime novels and takes on the murderous side of the city under the detective’s magnifying glass. His sixth thriller has now been published in Duisburg. Title: The Will Killer. Once again, Ebels combines fictional events with real Duisburg.

The killer in the last novel always gets ideas for his murderous machinations on his favorite seat on the Rhine embankment in Laar. When Father saw Ryan in his bed, his head crackled and his thoughts of murder became a reality.

Ebels’ commissioner, Sylvia Moissfeld and her two colleagues Sven Solbach and Thibault Nowak, made the raids on the beautiful Larer Reindeich a particularly treacherous case. The murder victims, all women with reddish brown hair, were found lying on historic fountains throughout the city of Duisburg.

The thriller New Duisburg offers plenty of passion, love, high tension and local color

With each woman murdered, the perpetrator leaves a bouquet of roses as evidence of his identification, but there are no other traces to indicate him. No one doubts that the killer is plotting to make Sylvia Misfield his next victim. Because she also has reddish brown hair. When the commissioner was finally kidnapped with intent to kill, her colleagues panicked. It is a thriller crime movie full of emotions, love and intense suspense until the end. And with a lot of local colors.

Not least that Dieter Ebels has always consciously used a reference to his environment in his books. This goes well with readers. In 2019, for example, Neumühler was named Author of the Year by the Internet platform “Literaturwelt Deutschland” – thus the direct heir to bestseller Sebastian Fitzek.

Of course, Ebels keeps this formula for success in his latest Duisburg thriller. “When I was making up my mind about a suitable cover photo, a neighbor asked if she would save herself. She agreed right away,” says the author. After all, she has the hair color that the killer is interested in. He led Ebels with her to the fountain in Duisburg’s city council. I lay on the fountain and the cover image was in the can.

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The introduction to the novel “Der Brunnenmörder” was also written by a man from Duisburg, Marcus Jungbauer. “Duisburg is a true and pure Ebels,” the deputy mayor of Hampourn praised. Reading the thriller gave him goosebumps more than once.

However, the fictional commissioner has the final say in the new book with her colleagues’ view: “Thank you for being there, boys, you guys are the best thing that ever happened to me.” And it happened in Duisburg the thrilling sixth of the first fatal deal.

>> Commercially available

  • Dieter Ebels, Der Bronenmurder – Duisburg crime thriller, paperback, Verlag BoD – Books on Demand, 296 pages, ISBN: 978-3754385623 ; 14.99 euros.
  • The Neumühler author has so far published 31 books, including six Duisburg thrillers. They are all in or around his home country.

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