Open Air Cinema Uzwil: Program from July 29 to 31

A catchy movie is shown on Uzwil’s outdoor cinema program every day until August 20. Uzwil24 presents the films that will be shown on the big screen from July 29 to 31.

Program on July 29, 30 and 31

Ghostbusters: Legacy
Offer on Friday 29 July 2022
Show duration: 124 minutes
Age classification: from 10 years old
Contents; Single mother Callie (Carrie Coon) struggles financially as she moves her children Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and Phoebe (McKenna Grace) to her late father’s dilapidated home in a secluded small town in Oklahoma. Annoyed at first, Trevor soon makes a thrilling discovery in his grandfather’s ancient remains – weapons and devices that indicate, according to his mentor Gruberson (Paul Rudd), that his grandfather was once a member of the legendary but largely forgotten “Ghostbusters”. Kan. As Trevor and Phoebe begin to experiment with this technique with some of his new classmates, a mysterious danger arises beneath the sleepy little town.

the lost City
The show is on Saturday 30 July 2022
Show duration: 112 minutes
Age rating: From 12 years old
Synopsis: A funny jungle adventure with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum as a reluctant couple. Brilliant but reclusive writer Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) has spent her career writing about exotic locations in her popular romance and adventure novels—the hero of her stories, and handsome cover model Alan (Channing Tatum), who has also dedicated his existence in real life to impersonating the main character Dash. While on tour to promote her new book with Alan, Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) who hopes to turn it into the lost Old Town treasure from her latest novel. Desiring to prove that he can be a hero in real life, not just in the pages of her books, Alan sets out on a mission to save her. An unexpected couple soon find themselves in the midst of a truly unreal adventure deep in the jungle, where the lines between fantasy and reality seem to blur more and more. Can you team up to survive the challenges of the wilderness and find the ancient treasure before it’s lost forever?

wolf and lion
Showing on: Sunday, July 31, 2022
Show time: 99 minutes
Age rating: From 6 years old
Content: Music student Alma (Molly Koons) lives on a remote Canadian island in the middle of the wilderness in a small cabin. She grew up there and returned there after her grandfather’s death. More recently, it is home to the wolf cub Mozart and the young lion Dreamer. But one day the two children were kidnapped by a guard and separated from each other. Alma can’t stand the idea of ​​having no idea where the animals are or how they are. It pulls all the stops to locate the two. Meanwhile, the little wolf and the little lion are lonely, but they are looking for a way home on their own.

attractive program
For the third time, the city of Keno is organizing an open-air cinema. From July 20 to August 20, an attractive and varied film program with catering options will be presented on a total of 32 game days at the Schi Sports Ground between the outdoor pool and Uzehalle.

Live music on three evenings
Live concerts will also take place three evenings before the film, every Thursday starting August 4.

Free entry for kids and teens to the concert on August 14
At the end of the school holiday, there will also be two concerts on August 14th from 2pm, with free admission for children and young adults.

Sponsoring the “Gas Gives Culture” concert
Musical events sponsored by “GAS GIVES CULTURE” by Uzwil Artworks.

Special exhibition “Dreamfactory Degersheim”
This year, Dreamfactory Degersheim is also presenting an exciting special exhibition.

Answers to your questions

On skiing, next to UZEHALLE on Sportstrasse in Niederuzwil

language? In general German, exceptions are marked.

opening area? 7:00 pm

The beginning of the movie? About 9:30 PM (from August 7 approximately 9:15 PM)

entry fee? 15. Swiss Francs

before sales? In Oswill City Cinema and here

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