‘I lost all decency’: Swiss publisher Ringier defends Gerhard Schuder

Swiss publisher Michael Ringer has written a wonderful text defending former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) against the massive criticism he sometimes faces in Germany. At this point, FOCUS Online is publishing the “Abuse of Charity” article that was written in April and originally appeared in the current issue of Ringier’s magazine “DOMO”.

It took some effort, but then my wife and I decided to spread “Inventing Anna” over the course of three evenings rather than co-produce on Netflix for a one-series marathon night. The film about Anna Sorokin, who was convicted of serious fraud, has absolute addictive potential.

Recently I read Anna’s latest news in the famous art newspaper “Art Newspaper”. She was hailed as an exhibition star at the New York Show. The works she painted were shown in prison. Price according to “Schweizer Illustrierte”: from 10,000 francs. It is not discussed whether this is really art.

Another criminal was honored artistically by journalists, who affectionately called him the “master counterfeiter”. Wolfgang Beltracci – who was sentenced to six years in prison for commercial fraud by a gang – made quick work of his early release. There have been several TV documentaries about him and the forgery director and his wife, Helen. Notable contemporaries such as actor Christoph Waltz, comedian Otto or extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner – were captured under the spotlight and in front of the cameras of cultural broadcaster 3sat.

But the alleged or convicted murderers can certainly count on the sympathy of the media. OJ Simpson was a star in American football and even made it into the cult comedy The Naked Gun. In the mid-1990s, a US grand jury acquitted him of the murder of his ex-wife for lack of evidence. At the civil trial, he was later sentenced to pay more than $30 million to the missing. However, that didn’t stop him from appearing on television and writing a book called If I Did It. The post has been blocked, but the online copy can still be downloaded today.

With Patricia Reggiani, on the other hand, the evidence seemed clear. That is why she was sentenced to 29 years in prison for the murder of her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci in the late 1990s. After her dismissal for good behavior in 2016, she gave various interviews. From belittling her actions to jokes about him, everything was posted without much inquiry and a photo of her parrot on her arm was earnestly printed. The movie about her and her acting, starring Lady Gaga as the killer, has grossed over $150 million.

All of these stories came to mind when I read coverage by former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder over the past few days. After all, one of the most successful German politicians of the past few decades, from whose reforms Angela Merkel has benefited greatly, according to her statement.

There was talk of Putin’s kid and prank figure, Bild nicknamed “Gazprom Gerd” and accusing him of only traveling to Moscow to collect his money from Putin personally as a member of the supervisory board.

Former Juso President and current General Secretary Kevin Kunert, whose life’s work to date has consisted primarily of sharp mouths, proudly announced that mugs bearing the image of Gerhard Schroeder have been removed from the SPD store. Exclusion from the party under discussion as I am writing these lines has restored honorary citizenship to Hanover himself, and honorary membership of the German Football Association is in the past as well.

The pressure on his staff, including the threat of losing a pension, was enormous, and the siege of journalists, including children, was now a part of everyday life.

So this is the reaction of someone who is supposed to be sitting on the wrong board. Of course, the role of Gerhard Schroeder can be criticized and condemned. However, anyone who would deny him any honorable intentions and portray him only as a greedy pariah loses all political and journalistic decency – especially in light of the fact that Gerhard Schroeder was perhaps the only person in the early weeks of the war who didn’t bother. Both sides as a politician, but can communicate as a friend.

But the digital world demands attention, not deliberation. “Thinking is difficult, which is why most judges.” Unfortunately, psychiatrist C.G. Jung’s statement is more relevant than ever.

About the author:

Michael Ringe was born on March 30, 1949 in Zuffingen (Switzerland). He is married and has two daughters. Together with his sister Evelyn Lingg-Ringier, he is the owner of Ringier AG, which owns about 100 media and entertainment brands in Europe, Africa and Asia, including Blick “,” Balance Sheet “,” Cash “,” GaultMillau “ And theSwiss magazines. Michael Ringer started his journalistic career in 1973 in Munich evening newspaper . Among other things, he worked in the economics department of “Stern” and designed the magazine “Empulse”. In 1983 he moved to Ringier Management and is now Managing Director of Ringier Holding AG.

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