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Rating: 4.5 / 5

Edward Bloom (Albert Finney and Ewan McGregor) is a dying old storyteller. When his son William (Billy Crudup), who has not spoken to him for many years, visits him, William realizes that he doesn’t even know his father. That is why Edward tells his son his life story in the form of a surreal fairy tale.

As a human being, one does not like to lecture. Maybe this is a fact. Even if one found oneself in a dissociative struggle between yearning for structures and rejecting them, one would still be stuck in longing for being slowed down by higher powers. Therefore, we also suppose that we compel people with a completely different understanding of space and time, of perception and reality, into a certain order. In doing this, one gets rid of any charm, and in any case it is difficult not to turn to ridicule because of the bustle of this world. In Big Fish, Tim Burton looks at a turbulent father-son relationship through a biographical screenplay by John August. This father, played by Albert Finney, or Ewan McGregor when he was young, tells of adventures. But unlike traditional relationships, this father claims that the bedtime stories he told his son are not fairy tales. Now, family ties are perhaps among the most complex of human unions. Because no matter how things twist or turn, blood is blood. The fact that there is of course also a link based on eternal stories and values ​​is a fact that really lit up from front to back in the cinema.

but even if big fish At its core, it looks like an ordinary family treat, but at its core lies a much more important message. Especially with the state of the world today, in terms of social media, this movie has become incredibly explosive. If you look at successful employees of a world in the context of capitalism, you will notice that more and more people tend to put the spotlight on their lives. Little minds become stars overnight and the lives of these little minds become a voyeuristic gratification of like-minded defilers. It is no coincidence that semi-interactive media like YouTube or Instagram are so valuable to this type of person. Because there is no other place where you can suggest a better proximity to the Internet. However, these concepts soon turn out to be wrong, because self-improvement is also of great importance in this world. The hero of the story knows how to decorate the story. Because real entertainment, apart from the usual, also needs a right to exist. For this big fish A poem for telling stories in fairy tales or adventure forms. As the circus director is neglected as an attraction, and thus a werewolf-like mystery must occur in order to make the experience reportable. In this way, it is the antithesis of absolute realism and convergence.

But this does not mean that the work is not easily accessible, or that it does not take any form of reality. Because no matter how twisted and transformed it is, all the media talk about life. This life is examined in every conceivable fiber. Whether childhood, adolescence, adulthood, or even death is a part of life. withdraw from the king lion (1994) here in a much newer and better form. Because, paradoxically, the circle here also rotates, but not only in one direction, but in two different perspectives, towards one goal and the same goal. While the elder Edward Bloom continues to talk about the adventures that happened to him in his childhood, his youth, as well as his adult life, it is the son who looks at his father’s age from the same, but completely different perspective, wants you to see a more mature version of him. It’s about the longing for normalcy, so to speak. Because William Bloom only yearns for a father who is there for him and doesn’t constantly tell stories. But this can not be achieved, because the desire to escape from normal life is much greater than Edward Bloom.

Tim Burton portrays his film as a postmodern fiction that cannot be reduced in context to its purely basic story. Danny Elfman’s great music, which deliberately limits itself to very calm and melodic tones, contributes to this. The adventurous factor is emphasized time and time again. It’s about turning amazing life into sound, which Elfman has been able to do every single time. His music is very unobtrusive and emotional. Especially when Will visits his father in bed, it becomes more than obvious, because it’s about a life that has always asked questions about truth and love. At the same time, this also contrasts with all the adventures that Edward has had or is supposed to have had. Every now and then typical Burton moments creep in here too. Followers of his filmography will know and be able to confirm that when Bloom talks about gigantism, absurd moments arise. There is also a rather strange encounter with a giant at odds with a small town. You can probably see this as the humane and humorous alternative to similar experiences from Hans and the Beanstalk, as well Jim Button and Luke Engine Driver (2018) Understanding.

In general, the work is permeated with grandiose images and pure beauty. When Edward Bloom roams this world, it is the trees and lights that cast the whole hustle and bustle into pure optimism. At the same time, Burton also managed to stage shocking sites that are also reminiscent of other works of the director. This is what a dark forest looks like, but a forest Sleepy Hollow (1999) is similar. And with that, it also looks like those from early Disney’s work Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), as well Bambi (1942) similar. This is in no way inconsistent with Burton’s optimistic story. Then again, the film also refers to the present by transferring the concept of a utopia to a small town. When this is more or less discovered by the outside world, it is progress in the form of banks and the like that catches up with them. It is clear that they speculate with their property and then go bankrupt. Although this movie was filmed before the major global economic crisis in 2008, you can still see a pattern here that seems to run through the entire story and portray people as for-profit beings.

The initial story will have a bit more complex big fish It certainly stood out well. Regardless, this film is truly more of a hit because of its visual beauty, its play between reality and fantasy, and thus in strong contrast to modern media. Acting, Ewan McGregor does very well as an upbeat mix of Gatsby, full of dreams and hope. The entire work also looks odd in terms of craftsmanship, but it’s beautiful.

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