Conspiracy – Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy Curse

A few days after saying “Happy Birthday, Mr. President…” she sang, the blonde sex symbol died. Nobody seems to care about the cause of death. Only a writer desperately needs a story to break his writer’s block asking. In the end he found out: it turned out to be ridiculous for a woman, who was not blonde at all. First, a fan secretly gave her medicine. Upon arriving home unharmed but injured, the chief waiting there told her that he was breaking up with her. As she then became hysterical, the politician’s companion gave her a sedative injection. Bad combination: Beauty falls apart, calls her psychiatrist. Give the patient an injection. A killer combination.

Everyone was to blame in some way, but again not. And no one was interested in enlightenment. This was the response of the Frenchman Gerald Hostach Mathieu to the question “Who killed Marilyn?” In 2011. In his film of the same name, he relays the drama that took place in Los Angeles on the night of August 4-5, 1962, and the days before it, to a small French town. By turning the iconic Marilyn into a domestic beauty, he can break it all down entertainingly and legally and do what the public loves: bring clarity.

When Legends Die – Documentaries With Burning Questions Still Made 60 Years Later: Marilyn Monroe. – © ullstein bild /

Very beautiful draped body

Obviously, this clarity works only in the imagination. For broadcaster ServusTV, the mystery of Marilyn’s death remains unsolved. “What really happened on that fateful summer night in 1962?” The announcer asks and announces the answers on August 1st. Existing documents provide “new evidence”. He can hand over the “ominous box 39” stored in the archives of the University of California. “In the style of American detective novels,” actress Florence Kasumba, better known as German Commissioner Tatort, “reaches the bottom of evidence and testimonies, separating fact from fiction and developing new theories about events,” the announcer declares. He reveals: “A lot points to murder: a corpse is covered very nicely, the investigation cut short, the evidence is gone.”

On the other hand, the documentary released by Netflix a few months ago rules out the murder theory. Irish journalist Anthony Summers interviewed Hollywood insiders and confidants of the actress in the 1980s and released a book. Now, 60 years after the death of Los Angeles icon Norma Jean Baker, Summers lets us listen to previously unreleased tapes of his interviews in The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unedited Tapes.

As in the ServusTV documentary, Kennedys also plays a major role in Summers. Marilyn Monroe had relationships with both John and Robert. Kennedy’s brother-in-law’s Malibu home was available for politicians’ meetings with the movie star. However, the case became very hot for the brothers. for political reasons. Changed marriage to writer Arthur Miller Marilyn. Through Miller, I came across the Communists and sympathized at least in part with their ideas. At a time when America was on a paranoid communist hunt and its jobs could be terminated if someone was suspected of being too far away, Marilyn Monroe became a problem. What if the case becomes public? What if it was claimed that the president and the attorney general not only showed the actress to bed, but also shared classified information? Those suspicions were not unfounded, Summers says. Marilyn Monroe learned of secret nuclear tests in the Nevada desert. The FBI allegedly spied on the actress to prevent her from passing on information to Cuban agents. Did the Kennedys have to pull the rope?

Bugs Jimmy Hoffa

Then there was Jimmy Hoffa, a powerful unionist with mafia connections. As Attorney General Kennedy was making life difficult for him, the house in Malibu and Marilyn’s apartment were wiretapped in order to obtain materials to fight the mud against Kennedy. Summers provides no evidence for this. After the death of the actress, both the FBI files and wiretaps of the informant Hoffa disappeared.

However, Summers believes that Marilyn Monroe killed herself with an overdose of barbiturates, as stated in the official final report. It is left open whether you overdose on the pills on purpose or by accident.

But what about the contradictions? Monroe’s psychiatrist testified that the housekeeper called him at night because the light in Marilyn’s room was on but off. Then he smashed the window from the outside. At 3:50 a.m., the family doctor announced Marilyn Monroe’s death. The pathologist subsequently determined the time of death between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. Summer attributes this timing and other anomaly to the Secret Service cleanup. He removed evidence pointing to Kennedy and flew Robert Kennedy. Not to commit murder, but to cover up the case. The attorney general reportedly met with Marilyn the day before her death, telling her that the relationship had ended and she was still in California while she died. After meeting Kennedy, Marilyn was “in a terrible state of mind.” The fact that Kennedy refused it hit the unstable actress hard.

The ominous closeness of the Kennedy family

In this sense, the Kennedys are not innocent of Marilyn’s death. The Kennedy family lost some of its members in assassination attempts, two of them were lost in a plane crash, after which they seem to attract bad luck. So damn the Kennedys? Not only did the Kennedy family themselves become infected.

In a car accident Ted Kennedy, brother of John and Robert survived, the passenger died. The relationship with Kennedy appears to have ended fatally for Marilyn Monroe, a pop icon, world star and sex symbol – the moment that connection was severed against her will. Marilyn did not survive this great void after three broken marriages. Her last, and perhaps most famous, public appearance was on May 19, 1962. It was the night she sang at John F.’s birthday party. Kennedy: “Happy birthday, Mr. President…”

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