Blauer Panther – TV & Streaming Award 2022: New Design, Special Website / New Jury / Nominees Announced for Best Actress and Best Actor Awards

Munich (ots) –

– New design and website for “Blue Panther”
– New jury
Announcement of the nominees for the “Best Actress” and “Best Actor” awards:
– Lisa Maria Potthoff, Soma Besal and Luna Wedler are nominated for Best Actresses
Nominated Bruno Alexander, Peter Kurt and Florian Lucas as Best Actor
Digital Minister Judith Gerlach: “The Blue Panther will become the central prize for the TV and broadcast industry”
– BLM President Dr. Thorsten Schmiege: “Broadcasting is an essential, innovative and forward-looking part of the media industry – especially in Bavaria”
Stefan Sotor, Managing Director of Medien.Bayern GmbH: “The entanglement of the BLUE TIGER with MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN creates a space for synergy within the Bavarian media industry”

After a new title and directing new content, the “Blaue Panther – TV & Streaming Award” 2022 is also presented with a fresh, modern design on its website ( The composition of the jury is also new. The group has now announced the actresses and actors who have been nominated for the prestigious Nymphenburg White Porcelain Award: Lisa Maria Potthoff, Soma Besal and Luna Fiedler as well as Bruno Alexander, Peter Kurt and Florian Lucas.

The new title of the former Bavarian Television Award reflects contemporary content and reorganization, because in addition to television, products for broadcast providers or web creator formats for social media platforms can also be awarded. The recipients of the “Blue Panther – TV & Streaming Award” 2022, which will be organized by Medien.Bayern GmbH in the future, are correspondingly diverse: Bavarian State Center for New Media (BLM), Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), Google Germany GmbH, Prime Video, RTL Germany, Seven.One Entertainment Group GmbH, Sky Germany and Second German Television (ZDF)/3sat. The award is sponsored by the Bavarian State Chancellery and the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs.

Digital Minister Judith Gerlach: “Digitalization is also revolutionizing the media industry. With the new direction and new face of the former Bavarian Television Award as an award for television and broadcasting, we are also showcasing the innovative and growing digital power of our media companies and so the Blue Tiger will become the central award for the television and broadcasting industry. direct in Germany.

Dr. Thorsten Schmiege, Chairman of the Shareholder Meeting at Medien.Bayern GmbH and President of the Bavarian State Center for New Media (BLM): “It is great that the legendary Blue Panther for streaming production opens in 2022. After all, live broadcasting is now a fundamentally innovative part Look to the future in the media industry – especially in Bavaria. We are especially pleased to host this magical event for the first time as MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN!”

Medien.Bayern GmbH General Manager Stefan Sotor: “The relaunch and organization of the former Bavarian TV Prize as part of MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN creates space for a large number of synergies in the Bavarian media industry. In addition, we benefit from first-class sponsors of focused industry knowledge and many years of experience. of experience.”

New Jury for “Blue Panther – TV & Streaming Award”

Headed by A.D. Klaus Schaefer, longtime managing director of FFF Bayern, will be awarded the ‘Blue Panther’ by an independent jury consisting of Andreas Ponte (Baerischer Rundfunk), Stefan Feldmann (Bavarian State Chancellery), Dagmar Harms (Seven.One. Entertainment Group GmbH).), Katharina Kickbook (ZDF), Philip Pratt (Amazon Studios), Katja Rieger (RTL Germany), Camilla Schmid (Sky Germany), Susan Wiesner (independent television producer, on loan from BLM) and Eva Wilkens (YouTube / Google), as well as experts Adina Mungenast (FFF Bayern), Professor Taç Romey (Munich University of Television and Film), Andrea Schönhuber-Majewski (MoveMe GmbH) and Torsten Zarges (

Four classes and six specific actors

The “Blue Panther – TV & Streaming Award” is presented in four categories: information/journalism, fiction, entertainment, and culture/education. The jury decides how many “blue panthers” are awarded in which category. Mr. Dr. Klaus Schaefer: “In view of the public presentation of more than 200 presentations given by the jury, one can say that German television and live broadcasting work is rich in genres and colors – at least in relation to the projects presented – an unusually high level of quality. Through The late inclusion of original broadcast projects, once again greatly increased the diversity of the public offering – not only quantitatively but also qualitatively.”

The jury has now announced the nominees for the “Best Actress” and “Best Actor” awards:

– Lisa Maria Potthoff for her roles in Dangerous Truth (Arte) and “Herzogpark” (RTL +), Soma Pysall for “Para – Wir sind King” (Warner TV series) and Luna Fiedler on Instagram. “ichbinsophiescholl” series (SWR/BR)
– Bruno Alexander for his roles in “Die Discounter” (Prime Video) and “Der Rebell – von Leimen nach Wimbledon” (RTL), Peter Kurt for “Ferdinand von Schirach – Faith” (RTL + / Vox) and Florian Lucas For his performance in the series “Die Waspe” (Sky).

All award winners will be announced and awarded at an award ceremony on October 19, 2022 in Munich. The award ceremony will be produced by Leonen Studios and its production company i & u TV and will be held as part of MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN (18-20 October 2022).

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