Aurora Summer School in Obergurgl – University of Innsbruck

Participants from Lithuania, Sweden, Iceland, Great Britain as well as Italy and Austria discuss this topic in detail in connection with their PhD projects.

From July 19 to 23, 2022, the first international summer school organized by the University of Innsbruck will take place at the Obergurgl University Center as part of the European Aurora University Alliance. Under the title “Borders and Places. Spatial Dimensions of Culture”, PhD students from the Aurora Network will meet from several European countries.

International Summer School Content Management “Borders & Places”. Spatial dimensions of culture “has doctoral faculties in Innsbruck” Austrian Studies” (Kurt Schar) and “Borders, Boundary Shifts and Transcendences in Language, Literature and Media” (Dirk Rose) and Christian Koindler with his FWF Research Project “Delocating Mountains: Cinematic Landscapes and Model Mountains” Alps.

Friday 22 July 2022

On the last day of the Aurora Summer School in Obergurgl, it was up to the participants – after a previous intensive discussion of the films they watched and the impressions of the field journey – to put potential topics to publish in small teams and to present them. The focus here was on incorporating your PhD project. Among other things, an English-Chinese terminology group has been proposed to translate terms in tourism advertisements, but also a literary essay on dealing with and visualizing landscapes and borders.

A short walk towards the archaeological site of Bilstein in the afternoon provided another opportunity to brainstorm along the way. Summer school has officially ended with “Riaven” – a short film about the calls of pets in the Alps.

We wish all participants – similar to saxifrage – to persevere with their additional science projects and to successfully complete their thesis project!

Christian Quindler, Dirk Rose and Kurt Schar

Thursday 21 July 2022

Two people standing high above a valley with mountains in the background

The all-day trip from Winterthal in Winterthal (1,700m) to Central Station from Jaislachkoglban (2,147m), in the best weather, focused on the tension between the community and the cultural scene. It conveyed impressions of the pre-modern agricultural society through the postmodern conditions of tourist infrastructure and landscape perception.

A group of people in front of the cross of the summit

The group covered the last extension of the summit of Gaislachkogl by cable car at the invitation of Cine Tirol and the railway company. As a “cinematic installation” at 3,000 meters in the Ötztal Mountains, 007-Elements provided enough reason to take an entirely controversial perspective in the discussion of the cultural landscape, fiction, and tourism. (Kansas)

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Three people are sitting at a table and studying documents.

The day was devoted to an intensive study of the text. The Landscape of the Mind, the Cinematic Landscape, and the Cultural Landscape had to be discussed separately in three groups and prepared for their first presentation in plenary in the evening. Some used the outside facilities of the University Center to talk about Petrarch with a view of the mountains.

A short lunch break was used to take the train to Hohe Mut (2670 m). Not only could she enjoy the wonderful view there, but also the opportunity to address the current issues related to global warming and ice decline: the cultural scene that is going through a transition. On the other hand, the evenings are always filled with movie anecdotes focusing on the mountains. (Kansas)

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Several people are sitting around a wooden table in an old room

Participants at the Ötztal Museum of Local History in Langenfeld.

At the start of the summer school, the participants met after a short trip from Lehn via Maria Schnee to Umhausen and an introduction to the geography of the valley at the local Otztal Museum of History in Längenfeld. Commander Dr. Edith Heisenberger introduced the concept of the museum and contextualized the newly evaluated term ‘house’ in relation to the current special exhibition, created in collaboration with the University of Innsbruck. After that, everyone was invited to taste the traditional “Muaß” prepared at the Rauchkuchl in the “Gedächtnisspeicher” room. (Kansas)

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