Santa Evita: This Woman – Pilot Episode Review


In 1952, after a long struggle with illness, Argentine Primera Dama and popular favorite Eva Perón (Natalia Oreiro) died. But instead of burying her in a dignified and Christian manner, as Evita’s mother would like, her husband, President Juan Perón (Dario Grandinetti), decided to embalm her and display her. When Peron was overthrown in 1955 and forced to leave the country, the country’s new junta disappeared the body of the famous and popular woman.

When journalist Mariano Vazquez (Diego Veláquez) investigates the disappearance of mummified victims in 1971, he discovers a wall of secrets hiding former intelligence officer Lt. Col. Carlos Eugenio de Mori Koenig (Ernesto Alterio). What really happened at that time and why do the military talk about reconciliation with Peron on the one hand, but at the same time send a gang of thugs to silence Vasquez? And why does it appear that there are four Evita mummies?

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More than just a historical figure in Argentina, Eva Evita Perón is a national heroine who is still highly respected today for her struggle for the country’s working class. Although she loved pomp, it was her actions that made a major contribution to making Juan Perón president of the Latin American nation in 1946, but also maintaining his popularity among the general public after his fall in 1955. The charisma of Evita and the fact that she has always emphasized That she was one of them, after her premature death at the age of just 33 on July 26, 1952 (Perón died of cervical cancer), was assured that she had essentially become a group for the poor. Part of the population is an almost legendary figure.

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This is exactly where the Argentine miniseries Santa Evita begins, based on the novel of the same name by writer Thomas Eloy Martinez (1995), a story that is as dramatic as it is about the afterlife of the transformed actress. saint. In a thrilling mix of biographical and fictional elements, which repeatedly includes historical footage, the production team surrounding producer Marcella Gerti recount how Perón’s body disappeared from the scene 17 years after her death. The screenwriter, who does well in her native Argentina, connects the story with elements of a political thriller centered on (real) secret intelligence officer Carlos Eugenio de Mori Koenig and (fictional) journalist Mariano Vazquez.

The junta that had just come to power worried that Peron’s preserved corpse could serve as a kind of banner for an uprising. So the colonel hired said to make the remnants of the cult secretly disappear. However, in the Congress building in Buenos Aires, where the Evita was placed, it soon turned out that the Spanish taxidermist D. Ara made provisions for such a case and made three nearly identical copies of it. Koenig instructed some suspicious officers to distribute the corpses, placed in simple wooden boxes, in all directions and secretly bury them.

The series begins at a quiet, easy-to-follow pace and initially gives the viewer a relatively brief glimpse into Evita’s final days. The scenes of her death, the process of preservation and the day of her burial, which were attended by millions of people, are presented in a dramatic but not exaggerated way. At such moments, the production team also draws on the power of history and incorporates historical footage to fit the context. This gives the series a certain deliberate pseudo originality that fits the production as a whole.

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This claim is supported by two other pillars. Firstly, there are the acting shows that are worth watching, and secondly, the chosen narrative style, which uses the well-known flashback technique, passing through the three watched episodes. Even if the author of this review isn’t a big fan of flashbacks of all kinds, this dramatic stunt proves itself in case [Serie=Santa Evita] As the only right decision.

The plot is presented in three temporal levels that were difficult to classify and combine. The main part of the story takes place in 1971, when the journalist Vazquez, brilliantly played by Diego Veláquez, spreads rumors about the return of Evitas “mummyHunt for Juan Perón, who lives in exile in Spain. The second important novel deals with 1952 and the actions of the opportunistic, cold-blooded Colonel König, who appears to have secretly loved Eva and is eventually cast by the putschist government. The third plot line correctly and relatively consistently tells the story of Evita’s rise to power and the saga that she wove around herself.

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Each part is routinely organized and written in an interesting way, with the journalist’s plot and story around the four coffins holding the greatest potential for tension yet. On the other hand, Evita’s life story is treated a bit shorter and exudes some sentiment here and there, which is by no means a negative at this point. Instead, Marcella Gerti paints a picture of a simple woman who has to work her way up to the task and not give up on reinventing herself from the ground up in her career. Thanks to the stellar performance by actress Natalia Oreiro, it’s really fun to follow the unknown Maria Eva Duarte on her path to becoming a National Champion.

On the other hand, Vasquez picks up every little clue in 1971 in order to find out the truth about the theft of corpses, which is despicable for the Argentine people, and he interviews many of Perón’s companions. Gradually he discovers more and more facts and puts himself in danger. Only Koenig’s true motive remains unclear until the third episode, but one can assume that the mystery regarding his person will be revealed in the course of the remaining four episodes.


Santa Evita is definitely not a thing in the middle. You have to stay informed to be able to follow the three arcs of the story. The narrative pace is relatively slow, the stage is not pompous and there are no great moments of action either. So don’t expect pure entertainment after work. But if you like good stories that are able to combine real historical events with pure fiction, if you like characters who are glamorous, lively, opportunistic, opportunistic and can give a story time to develop, you will be well served.

Although a German trailer was released, the series was not yet available in a German dubbed version at the time of this writing. So the original Spanish version was seen with German subtitles. The German version should follow soon.

Here is finally the said original trailer for the series”Santa EvitaNow available on the Disney+ streaming service:

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