5 Secret Horror Tips That You Don’t Know (!) – With ghost kids, a Marvel star as a vampire, and plenty of blood! Cinema news

If you want to dig a little deeper into the horror genre and are not only interested in blockbuster movies or great classics, then you should definitely take a look at the 5 Insider Tips we give you right now.

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Tired of sorcery? Have you watched “Saw” a lot? And could you have an opinion of “Halloween” or “Friday the 13th” or “Nightmare On Elm Street”? Not a problem! We want to introduce you to 5 horror movies that you may not have seen yet. Not only can you expand your horror experience among your friends, but you can also learn about the genre apart from popular cinema movies and famous classics.

Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

“Nosferatu, Symphony of Horror” by FW Murnau is a staple of the horror genre. The classic vampire movie can still calm its audience today – even though the movie dates back to 1922! And the reason for this is not least the main actor Max Schreck, whose amazing performance of the bloodsucking Count Orlock is steeped in history.

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“Shadow Of The Vampire” takes the portrayal of “Nosferatu” in a fantastical way – and explores the mind game as if Max Schreck was a real vampire! This was played by Marvel villain Willem Dafoe – so cool that he even earned an Oscar nomination for his performance.

Produced by Nicolas Cage, Shadow Of The Vampire isn’t a classic horror movie, but it’s the perfect complement to one of the greatest and most important horror movies of all time.

“magic, magic”

“Magic, Magic” has often been compared to the horror films of Roman Polanski (“Rosemary’s Baby”). A high praise that Chilean director Sebastian Silva can bear in a surprisingly confident manner. As with Polanski, horror slowly creeps in here, unleashing itself first primarily on a psychological level in order to constantly make the viewer question his own perception.

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What sets it apart is not only the wonderful stylistic confidence with which Silva tells this story about appearance and reality, paranoia and redemption, but also the appearance of Michael Cera, known primarily from comedies such as “Superbad”. His mysterious edge is one of the most unpleasant characters in the history of modern horror films.

“Berberian Sound Studio” (2012)

“Berberian Sound Studio” is another movie that is openly aimed at fans of horror movies. The focus here is a sound engineer (Toby Jones) active in the Gyali wedding who is so lost in his work that at some point he is no longer able to distinguish the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

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Director Peter Strickland bows to the power of illusion and takes audiences into a world of inspiring and disturbing illusion. Filled with references and quotes, “Berbarian Sound Studio” is not just a cinematic feast, but also an overarching puzzle that encourages viewers to think for themselves. A chilling poem of art.

“Fenian” (2008)

“Fenian” can be compared to some extent with Lars von Trier’s scandalous film “The Antichrist”. This is also about a mother (Emmanuel Burt) who lost her child and has been trying to deal with the loss somehow ever since. When she watches a video about homeless children in Burma, she thinks she is getting to know her son.

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Belgian director Fabrice de Wills reached the pinnacle of his art with “Fenian”. Amidst a seemingly harsh overgrown forest; Populated by scary-looking children, Fenian unleashes a deeply disturbing and often crippling force that declares the movie to be a borderline experience that you can only fully comprehend after the second or third viewing.

“Among the Living” (2014)

Finally, something for fans of the somewhat more challenging pace. Alexander Bustillo and Julian Morey, directors of Inside and Leatherface, help orientate themselves “among the living” Horror cinema in the 70s and it seems they want to bring Stephen King and Dario Argento to a common denominator.

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The end result is very atmospheric, at times harsh (the FSK 18 rating is no accident), yet always driven by an artistic vision. Here, the loss of childhood innocence goes hand in hand with the ferocity of modern horror cinema, highlighting, for example, the home invasion sequences that really make your blood run cold.

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