Medinetz Association criticizes the immigration office of the city of Halle – You Halle

The immigration office in Halle (Saal) has been under fire for months. Requests are processed slowly or not at all. As a result, new work permits cannot be issued in a timely manner. The city administration had several times promised improvement, the president was replaced, the positions in permanent declaration. But the basic situation has not changed. The Medinetz Halle / Saale eV is therefore very critical of the inactivity of the immigration authorities in Halle and the lack of support for those affected by the Social Welfare Office in Halle.

There was a demonstration by the Voices of Migrants group. Many of those affected in this pool reported a wide range of dire consequences for this inactivity. Because eligibility for benefits is not confirmed, people are excluded from health care and lose their jobs and homes because they cannot provide evidence and cannot meet payment deadlines. Medinetz Halle also drew attention to this situation at a city council meeting on March 30, 2022. “At this meeting, improvement was promised in about six weeks, but after two and a half months there is no sign of it,” a spokeswoman for the association said. “It was also alleged in the meeting that all the people who contacted the authorities immediately obtained a bogus certificate as a temporary solution in order to at least be able to benefit from basic care. But even this statement does not correspond to many cases we know of that have been reported to us by Migrant Voices.” On the contrary, those who make inquiries simply do not receive an answer.” (As a general rule, people who have applied for granting or extending a residence permit or residence permit and whose application has not yet been decided upon, receive a bogus certificate. The residence is valid until the application is confirmed or denied, and is therefore legal and permitted.)

“Since 2020, we have been visited by many people who do not have health insurance because the immigration authorities in Halle do not process applications and are not accessible in principle,” the spokeswoman continued. “The injured cannot undergo any medical examinations or treatment during this long waiting period. The Social Welfare Office refuses benefits by citing missing papers. Only emergencies can be settled by the Social Welfare Office. But from a medical point of view, this should be avoided urgently through measures preventive”.

Those affected are thus pushed into a precarious situation between the immigration authorities and the Social Welfare Office, and in emergency situations, they do not receive the assistance to which they are entitled under the law.

Last week, members of the association, together with an activist from Voices of Immigrants, asked again about the current situation and drew attention to the urgency of the problem. “The answers from the city administration were completely unsatisfactory,” the spokeswoman says. “The city only cited unsuccessful standing bids as a reason for the grievance. Regardless, contacts were offered to individuals, which are far from sufficient given the large number of affected. Providing assistance to individuals here, which can be mediated by supporters, It is not an appropriate way to deal with this serious lack of supply. Immigration authorities are simply not living up to their legal obligations,” the spokeswoman continued, “a mission to restore their authority to be able to act, but they are also obligated to develop a low-threshold transitional measure immediately. It is shocking that this has not happened.” for too long, negligently endangering the health and well-being of many residents of this city over the past two years or so.”


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