Criminal Case: Star Author Involved in Death in Africa: What Does Delia Owens Know?

The Song of the Crayfish, which has achieved a million sellers, is about an unexplained death. In Zambia, the police now would like to question the star author about a murder that took place over twenty years ago.

The book “The Lobster Song” is what people like to call not only a bestseller, but also a bestseller. The novel revolves around a girl who lives isolated in the swamps of North Carolina and is accused of murder.

The book has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide. Coming in theaters in three weeks, the film is produced by Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon, who reviewed work at her book club shortly after its release, making it his first fame.

Writer Delia Owens also deals with her childhood in “The Lobster Song.”

Because of the movie, there has been a lot of reporting lately about the novel and about writer Delia Owens, 73, who also worked on her childhood in North Carolina on the book. “There is a lot of symbolism in this book, but you don’t have to understand it: ‘You can read it only as a story,'” Owens said in an interview.

Shortly before the film began in the United States, it has now been published in the magazine Atlantic Ocean An article in which journalist Jeffrey Goldberg tries to understand a little more. Specifically, what role did Delia Owens play in relation to a murder in Zambia. Whether she was a partner or maybe even a witness.

The murder happened 22 years ago, and is not easily forgotten because it happened on camera. A cast from ABC accompanied Marc and Delia Owens on a documentary. The two and son Mark Christophe from his first marriage were active as animal rights activists in Zambia and took over the organization of North Luangwa National Park, where gangs of poachers were rampant. Above all, they cared about elephants.

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Murder on camera

The two zoologists spent nearly twenty years in Africa. The title of the ABC show is “Deadly Game” and the couple is presented with the words: “A perfect American couple — young, in love. But a strange place and a strange time have to put that love to the test.” In the movie, you then see a brief scene of a man already bleeding On earth he is executed. You can’t see who fired the shots. According to Goldberg’s account, the photographer later clarified that it was Christoph Owens.

Goldberg followed closely in Owens’ footsteps in Zambia. The photo they put together shows animal rights activists who do not shy away from violence to achieve their lofty goals. The poachers, or those who believed they were illegal poachers, were tied to the bets and were beaten up by game rangers hired by Owens. “Mark Owens told us that anyone with meat or a gun should be beaten,” Goldberg quoted a game watcher at the time as saying. He also tracked down a professional hunter, to whom Mark Owens faxed a warning at the time, in which he recounted several operations he had observed from the bush plane: “As far as I know, two hunters have been killed and another wounded so far, and we have just warmed up.”

Writer Delia Owens: ‘We are good people’

Owens has long moved to America, and their lawyers deny all this. Delia Owens told Goldberg that the only thing her husband did was throw fireworks out of the plane, “just to scare the fishermen, not to hurt them.” They are good people who just tried to help. About their time in Africa, including Botswana, the two have written very successful non-fiction books such as “The Call of the Kalahari”.

In Zambia, the authorities would be grateful if Owens and their son Christophe helped in the investigation there. The case will be reopened, there is no statute of limitations for murder in Zambia. Prosecutor Lilia Shawa Sioni told the reporter that Owens “are all wanted for questioning in this case, including Delia.” He will be interested to know how Mark and Delia managed to smuggle weapons into Zambia and turn them into law enforcement officers. “I can’t even get into the US embassy with a camera.”

A mysterious death in the African bush

But why did the criminal authorities not pursue the murder at that time? The former police commissioner, Grafael Musamba, told Goldberg, “The bush is the perfect place to commit a murder. Animals eat the evidence.” The body was not found. During the investigation at the time, the police investigator came to the conclusion that Mark’s victim had been flown to a lake close and thrown there.

Which brings us back to the novel, the fiction in which Delia Owens drew a lot of material from her private life. It is also about murder, if the corpse of the victim was to be swallowed up by nature. The girl is suspected of Kia, who lives alone in a bush landscape. Then towards the end there is an unexpected twist – it must be read, and soon it will appear in the movie too. But in the novel, the young woman is acquitted for lack of evidence. The case of Zambia is still open.

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