What does a healthy breakfast for kids look like and how important is the morning meal?

A ‘healthy’ breakfast is usually considered the ‘most important meal of the day’. Above all, parents want to do everything right for their children. But what is scientifically proven, what is fiction? Six questions and answers provide clarity.

1. Is there a healthy breakfast for kids?

a There is no such thing as a healthy breakfast for kids. But there is many Varied healthy breakfasts for children – that is, breakfast should ideally be as individual as your child. The prerequisite for a morning meal is, of course, that your child is biologically hungry early in the morning and really wants to eat something. If not, it is better not to serve anything at home, but to give the child something tasty to take to school – something that they will really look forward to later when their stomach growls. Ergo: Always arrange the lunch box with the child so that it has something to eat!

2. How should children’s “healthy snacks” be put together?

Whether it is a meal or a snack, it is essential that your child really enjoys what you have to offer. A good snack should be fresh, of good quality and varied if served regularly. So be sure of freshness, variety, and different tastes in your snack box – and feel free to add something new every now and then, a little surprise your child hasn’t heard of. Trying out expands the scope of cooking. Parents and “snack makers” should get rid of common myths about “healthy and unhealthy” foods – because this strict classification has long been outdated, because it is by no means scientifically possible. The seven major nutritional science organizations in the German-speaking region (D/A/CH) also see this as such. You can read their surprising unanimous consensus on “breaking down into healthy and unhealthy foods” here.

3. What is the importance of breakfast for children?

the breakfast One Many Meals – No more or less important than a good quality lunch or dinner. On the other hand, it is important for your child to have something decent to love when he is hungry. You should talk to your child about this in order to plan the best possible individualized care accordingly. So clarify questions like “yes or no breakfast” or “would you like a little more in the break box”, “what should be in it” and so on. The child should really look forward to the meal, it is correct and important.

4. Does breakfast affect the child’s body weight?

It is not possible to make a clear scientific statement on this subject. There are no studies that provide evidence (causal evidence) whether regular breakfast has any effect on body weight in children. And such studies will never exist either, because nutritional research is subject to many limitations (you can read about why here). The analysis of the current study conducted by the Health Knowledge Foundation is worth reading, which arrives at the following conclusion: “No clear statement can be made about whether regular breakfast can have an effect on children’s body weight.” [1]

5. Do children generally eat healthy food when they eat together as a family?

Here, too, the same thing applies as mentioned earlier – that is, the ecological universal dogma: you do not know anything exact. The Health Knowledge Foundation also analyzed the scientific data: “Unfortunately, studies do not currently provide any reliable answers to this question.” [2]

6. What is the benefit of “cooking with children”?

From a purely practical point of view, when it comes to “Latin cuisine”, the active participation of the child in both the purchase and the preparation is highly recommended. Then the young ones learn early on how to handle a variety of foods and preparations. The prerequisite, of course, is that the child enjoys participating. Let the children make suggestions for meals together, which you will then do together. This also promotes creative development and a natural, healthy relationship with food.

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