Trouble at the Bochum Theater: an interesting story I already knew

Crime with Foresight: In “Your Last Play”, author Arne Dessol predicted what really happened later in the Bochum theater.

There has been a lot of excitement in the Bochum theater over the past few months. An anonymous email, allegedly sent by employees, described a “climate of fear” among employees. Director Johan Simmons has been accused of preferring to stay in the Netherlands rather than Konigsallee. Some theater-goers loudly expressed their displeasure that the performances were too demanding and too few people.

Schauspielhaus Bochum becomes the setting for an exciting series

There are those who now claim to have foreseen all this. With almost prophetic foresight, Bochum author Arne Dessault in his latest thriller, Your Last Play, described much of what was already going to happen in the theater months later. An art director’s schedule faces some rejection, huge productions frighten audiences: Desol has made all of that a problem here.

Your Last Post was published last November and was written by DeSol (57 years old) about a year ago. “I’m not a diligent theater goer,” he says. “But I’m keeping track of what’s going on there.” After most of his first five books were set in his hometown of Wolfenbüttel, he moved his last account of the crime entirely to Bochum, where he lived and worked for many years. Desol works full time in the Ruhr press office, and writing entertaining crime novels is a hobby he loves.

You can see a lot between the lines

There were several reasons why he chose Bochumer Schauspielhaus as background: “As far as I know, no one has done it before me,” he says. “And in the end, theater is also an exciting place where a lot of vanity meets.” Desol followed with interest from recent management, but did not do an internship for his research in theater. “It’s all fake.”

So the resemblance to the living is not intentional, but you can still see a lot between the lines. Dessau artistic director Leo Kaufmann comes to Bochum directly from the Burgtheater in Vienna. “A lot of people think it’s really inappropriate here in the Ruhr.” While Kaufman absolutely wanted to bring The Merchant of Venice to the stage, some spectators left the stage early and preferred to spend the evening in the restaurant across the street: at A Midsummer Night’s Dream. , the newly renovated and opened “Alt Nürnberg”, which has been really sad for the ages.

Then the shock: The local newspaper’s culture editor is found tormented and murdered (at least at this point, the author of these lines hopes Dessau’s insight has its limits). Did I write one too many list? And who does star actor Veit Grosser spend his nights with? It won’t just be a murder, so private investigator Mike Mueller and Inspectors Lisa Bertram and Helmut Jordan are taking the lead.

An interview with the head of the culture department

You have to distinguish very well between fiction and real life, but when Arne Dessault picks up his book today, he has to smile. “Of course, I wouldn’t have guessed something like the anonymous email when I wrote it,” he says. And what would a real director advise? “All he really has to do is read my book, it’s all there.” He even mentions a conversation with the head of the cultural department: “The director is urgently advised to use a lighter schedule.”

Arne Dessaul: Your last article, Maximum-Verlag, 300 pages, €15. His upcoming thriller ‘One Last Joke’ takes us into the comedy scene and will be released in November.

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