“The Lobster Song” – Delia Owens mentioned in connection with a murder

lobster song
Is writer Delia Owens in a fatal trial?

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“The Lobster Song” – with this novel, American Delia Owens succeeded in becoming a world bestseller. It has now been revealed that her name was linked to a murder in Zambia. Isn’t the book that fantastical?

In her famous novel, Delia Owens, tells the story of the marching girl Kia Clark. Combining a story of crime and a tale of maturation, first great love and bitter disappointment, she is encapsulated in detailed impressions of the wonderful marshlands of the coastal town of Barclay Cove in the USA.

Writer Delia Owens has lived in Zambia for 20 years

A corpse is discovered at the beginning of the novel. Chase Andrews was found on the rally – everyone agrees: it can only be the rally girl. The march is a perfect place for a murder as it devours antiquities and evidence.

The detailed description of nature is likely due to the fact that Owens lived as a zoologist and was active in Africa surrounded by nature. Together with her husband, biologist Mark Owens, and son from his first marriage, Christopher Owens, she campaigned to protect elephants and conducted research on the site, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Delia Owens was mentioned in connection with a murder

Like Kyas, Owen’s name has become associated with a murder. It remains unclear whether she was merely a witness, an accomplice, or herself implicated. Owens has lived in North Luangwa National Park in Zambia for nearly 20 years. The goal of their work was to protect elephants from poachers. Research by journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, who revealed his findings to The Atlantic, also shows violence if necessary.

According to Süddeutsche Zeitung, ABC News’s recordings, which accompanied the couple in the 1996 documentary “Deadly Game: The Mark an Delia Owens Story,” point to a murder. The camera continued to rotate as a man was shot dead apparently for no apparent reason. The recordings do not reveal who pulled the trigger, but the identity of the dead man remains unclear. The photographer later explained that Christopher Owens had shot.

The Owens are said to have cracked down on poachers

Research by journalist Goldberg would have revealed that at the time, Delia and Mark Owens were at times brutally brutalized by people they identified as a danger to wildlife. Self-proclaimed animal rights activists have linked people to the posts and beat them up. It was said that several people were killed in their anti-poaching operations. Owens’ lawyers denied the allegations. According to media reports, the couple are wanted by the authorities in Zambia for some time. They now live in Idaho, USA.

It seems strange that a murder that occurred in front of the camera has not been solved. “The jungle is the perfect place for a murder to be committed. Animals eat evidence,” former Zambian police commissioner Graphael Musamba explains in an interview with The Atlantic. However, evidence indicates that Mark Owens dumped the body in his helicopter into a nearby lake.

A murder in the midst of nature, done out of the conviction to act justly – without revealing much about the book, there are striking parallels between Delia Owens’ experiences and her fictional novel. Where are the limits of reality and where does imagination begin? We may never find out. In Zambia, voices are being raised again at the moment that the author and the activist should finally testify in court. Because: Right now, Owens is back in the spotlight. The movie “Lobster Song” is being filmed and will soon be shown in cinemas.

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