Mickey Beisenheurs writes about Putin and the energy crisis

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If Putin cuts our gas in the cold winter, he will become our columnist Mickey Bezenhairs Still very grateful to the new friends from Qatar.

Fortunately, the news is always the same. In our lively calm we always crave the next little excitement, but please don’t let it be too much. None of us want to appear at the front of Bild with a bitter face, say, be the first German to stop Putin gas or harbor a new kind of aura in his lungs. Not to mention monkeypox.

It will be an exciting fall with lots of breaking news. So let’s enjoy Hurricane Eyes that were the size of a hurricane stamp, which we mistakenly consider an oasis of calm.

A few days ago my wife turned on the bathroom faucet and the water seemed unusually tepid. Maybe just a coincidence. But given the news situation, the idea quickly arose that energy suppliers were slowly testing what it would be like if there was only cold water. As I write this, cold water is still a fantasy. For you, read this text after a week, but probably already really cool.

Robert Habeck, who always seems to have to attract unpleasant facts like a cat vomiting a hairball, wants to encourage citizens to make a concerted effort to save energy. Which led directly to the nation’s Kubickis, who promptly reinterpreted the shower cubicle as a glass protest cylinder. Just lather up at 42 degrees for an hour, that’s freedom! Citizen shower.

Snow showers in protest against Putin: ‘An ice pit against an idiot’

This winter, we can reinterpret the masculine self-confidence ritual so popular at Corona weddings, ice bathing, as an act of solidarity in Putin’s energy-saving protest: “Ice punch against the fool.” Although a waterless shower in ice water definitely has a puttinsky touch.

Talking about “Corona”: When Karl Lauterbach or Hendrik Strick or “cult nurse” Ricardo Lange recently sat on talk shows to talk about a disease called SARS-CoV-2, as a war-torn citizen I almost felt good about good, remember the old times when this was Corona It still defines our daily lives.

As bad as it is a contagion – it was somehow expected that you knew you could flatten curves with masks, vaccinations, and distance rather than hope that the crazy Kaiser wouldn’t hit the nuclear button.

An attraction like “stay at home” was even more exciting when the temperature was 23°C in the kiosk. Of course it makes sense to get infected now in order to enter into loving solitude with the last warmth. Everyone feels it now, which is why I ask myself why we are so worried about the dreadful autumn wave. Similar to the temperatures, the infection rate was unusually high at the end of June. Two-line deployed test cartridges are what bare feet with beer on the bank would otherwise be like in the summer.

Everything points to a really bad cold winter, but we’re wonderfully unaffected because: Somehow it always went well.

Who knows: maybe in this festive month of December we’ll be so thankful to have another true trance driver playing such a great part at the World Cup.

We can say thank you to our new friends from Qatar.

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