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At first he was an expert in spots, then in fiction, and now a passionate documentary filmmaker: Peter Jackson is constantly reinventing himself. His latest project, the critically acclaimed documentary The Beatles: Get Back, is now in stores.


The director behind one of the richest, most successful and respected trios in film history dedicates himself to one of the most influential bands in music history: ‘Lord of the Rings’ creator Peter Jackson filtered 60 hours of footage and 150 hours of audio recordings made during Production of the album “Let It Be”. From this he formed a documentary that not only knows how to inspire fans of the legendary Beatles. It was originally planned as a 150-minute documentary for cinema.The Beatles: JAnd return“At the end, a real huge business. Jackson and his fans are now used to it:

The project, in which decades-old materials have been painstakingly and painstakingly restored using the latest technology, resulted in a three-part mini-series. The 468-minute documentary premiered on Disney+ to receive very positive reviews. From now on, those who don’t want to stream can get their hands on it, and fans who want to put this Beatles memorial on their shelves. Because “The Beatles: Get Back” is finally available this week in Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray – exclusive Trading Cards included.

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It wasn’t actually planned that this version would be released just now: first of all, the set, in which each episode of the three-part documentary series gets its own disc, was announced in the spring of 2022. However, there was a mistake. Technician During production the sound quality was affected, so the discs had to be recompressed.

After World War II came the Beatles

After his sparse phase, which spawned horrific cults like “Bad Taste”, and its blockbuster epics, Jackson devoted himself to the documentary—without giving up his enthusiasm for film technology: For the documentary They Won’t Get Old, it left loads of grueling detailed action footage for World War I, sample reduction, subsequent coloring, articulation, and 3D rendering. The result? embarrassed.

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“The Beatles: Get Back” didn’t receive a 3D transformation, but some material that had been considered of little use for so long had to be processed – always with the intent of not turning anything off or even letting it slip into an artificial look. In addition, Jackson, his film editor Jabez Olsen, and the team responsible for editing the sound had a real Sisyphean assignment: According to a report by New York times It took about four years to edit the series.

It could easily have been from Peter Jackson: There’s so much splash, humor, and music in this horror movie!

The effort was worth it: “The Beatles: Get Back” has received overwhelmingly positive response, sometimes frank delight in the music business press., where the documentaries provide insight into the work process of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. So detailed that even a file Official Companion Book* It was published, which attracts previously unpublished images and text, which also show conversational segments that do not appear in the documentary.

Additionally, material processed by Jackson and his team indicates that, shortly before the Beatles’ breakup, the four musicians had not been in their mushroom-free hair like the legend for decades. However, there are some harsh insults. However, at Jackson’s insistence, they were not censored, although Disney+ has a stricter policy on swear words in the US than in Europe.

» “The Beatles: Return” on Disney +*

However, in early 2022, Jackson put his fans and his Beatles fans in a quandary: he announced that he was toying with the idea of ​​producing an extended version of The Beatles: Get Back. It should be longer than three to four hours, and Jackson would also like to provide additional additional documentation material. But such a group can only appear if fans express an interest in it – suggesting that fans this is So you can get a different version later. At least the possibly not final set is well laid out.


The Beatles’ Collector’s Edition by Peter Jackson: The Return

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