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Let’s face it: Real life can be pretty stressful. In any case, it is somewhat unpredictable as it depends on many different factors that can cause each other, but do not have to cause each other. It’s no coincidence that author Tom Clancy likes to quote Bownot: “The difference between reality and fantasy? Imagination creates feeling.”

So, the difference between fact and fiction is that fiction must have meaning. Well, even in fiction it doesn’t have to be. All It has meaning down to the last “TZ”, but the stories must have a certain logical infrastructure. Here the factors on which everything depends are more limited. It’s time to take a look at the fantasy world. To be more precise: those of the movie.

for classification

And here it really doesn’t matter what you prefer. romcom, sci-fi, special scary horror movies? All this, as we please, relaxes us, even when we have to sit with our friends and watch the shining monster slip into the unsuspecting heroine.

Of course, there are other exciting and entertaining movies and series. As a good example, the products from marvel cinematic Universe – In short: MCU – It is brought into the field. But movies from rival DC can also be attractive. Not everyone, but some. And about the discussionVideo games vs moviesIt was reported here nearly two years ago.

And it gets really exciting when you take a closer look at the different fan groups, also known as fans.

Look at the crowd

If you take a look on social media these days and think that fans of superhero movies, sci-fi series, or Rosemunde Pilcher mods are just a bunch of geeks, geeks, and medical series fans, it’s getting better fast. At least in the first two categories, it can be said: these are fans. And the fact that “fan” comes from “fanatics” can also be seen in other areas of television entertainment.

Small example: DC fans in the Extended Universe say that the Marvel movies have no depth, don’t have character graphics and are generally boring. Meanwhile, Marvel fans say the DC movies of the Extended Universe have a Superman not worthy of the name, featured in the killer Batman movie, and generally packed a lot of stories into a very small movie.

Somehow we’ve all heard these “battles” between nerds and nerds before.

  • Examples are:
    When it comes to why Schalke will be bad and Stuttgart great
  • If we want to make it clear that Hoffenheim is really first class
  • When it is said that Bayern Munich is only in the first Bundesliga because they simply buy the best.

And then, of course, there are all the inner wings fighting for football and movie fans. A Stuttgart fan online said the club would be great, but it would be better if it wasn’t Pellegrino Matarazzo who was in charge, but Tim Walter. As a result, other fans get a bit freaked out and then state that it must be sarcastic, tweeting a number of question marks.

The same thing happens with fans of series and movies, who should actually be assigned to one camp. Let’s just take the Star Trek theme. Someone sees that only and exclusive Starship Enterprise will be the truth, while everything that followed was a nasty knockout. Other fans still see “Starship Enterprise – The Next Century” as the true birth of the Star Trek universe as we know it today. Then there are others who consider anything aired prior to discovery to be downright embarrassing, something to be ashamed of. And again we find that everything has its right to exist and that this is very close to the Vulcan motto “IDIC”, in German UMUK, which means infinite variety in an infinite combination.


It’s great to look at the different audiences of different series, movies, and comedies. You’d think they would disagree, but they don’t.

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