Culture – Milk director Tanya Golden: “I’d be excited”

Noun: “Days of Glory” promises a balancing act between the past and the future. How is it supposed to work?

Tania Golden: Don’t we live this balance all the time? It’s always about the future. In our story, set in a future dominated by technology, transhumanism and elitism, five candidates undergo “elite” training. As a reward for passing exams, they receive ruler programs, which can be seen by turning into great historical rulers such as Maria Theresa or Napoleon. This former ruling principle is glorified and celebrated in this future.

I’m a fan of theatrical works, but I also take part in speaking plays over and over again because I find the material so interesting! “

How did you deal with the story?

golden: Being a fan of science fiction and fond of thinking about models of society, my association with Glory Days began with visions of the future for strongmen today. Admittedly, the fact that it’s about elites worries me. The connection with the character “Nero”, who was a ruler in a hierarchical structure, is mentioned. Agrippina is the interesting character for me. Our starting point was the invention of our imagination. As head of an elite training institute, and with a cyborg at her service, she embodies a crazy, technocratic, idealistic – and accomplished ideology, where passion and love are forbidden. Unfortunately, she and the candidates stumble over exactly this will…

Theatrical music traditionally comes without text, so it consists only of songs. That’s good for the atmosphere, but it makes it hard to understand and follow the whole story. How do you want to master the challenge?

golden: I see musical theatre, and musical theater is a special form of musical theatre, as a live event where all the arts celebrate a special experience with the audience. The story is the starting point, but in the end everyone will always see and understand something different. The story is an arc in the evening, supported by the actors who bring the characters to life. At the same time, appearance will greatly help in understanding, and if this is not the case, then at least in entertainment.

You have stood and still stand on stage as a singer and actress. How does this affect your business?

golden: I am a freedom lover and I respect the creativity of everyone involved in making an evening. I’ve had great experiences when direction has allowed us to help shape it. I am a fan of mass operations. With the book “Days of Glory” it was a fruitful collaboration of many people, inspired and directed by Alexander Heuer.

What do you especially appreciate during rehearsals?

golden: Joy and focus.

Have you ever visited Malak City before, perhaps even among the crowd at the Summer Games?

golden: Yes, often. I’m a fan of theatrical works, but I’ve also been on the receiving end of time because I find the material the director deals with very interesting.

On the evening of the spoken play’s premiere, artistic director Alexander Hauer never really sits in the audience himself, but plays booze behind the scenes at a Schnaps party. What would you do: cheer up the piece, play cards, or something else entirely?

golden: I will encourage you I think.

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