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July 12, 2022 – Stefan Angeli

The entertainment in your four walls has taken on a special place due to digitalisation. A large number of entertainment media is now digital. The same goes for long-distance entertainment. With the increasing possibilities and choice of films, series and documentaries in the home area, the interest in home cinema has increased significantly. Very few consumers are still drawn to public cinema – they would rather watch current movies and exciting series in their four walls. But what do you really need to experience a true home cinema in your own home?

If you want to relax and experience the latest Hollywood movies in your home cinema, you need much more than a modern TV with great screen resolution. In addition to a sufficiently large TV, proper sound quality is especially important. The ambiance in the indoor cinema room should also be harmonious so that you can enjoy many hours of pure movie fun in a relaxed atmosphere. The demand for home cinemas is booming – but very few movie lovers actually know what’s important if you want to turn your living room or separate room into a home cinema. Below, we have designed a guide for you that will walk you through some useful tips and tricks for an individual cinema system for your home. In this way, it will soon be possible to enjoy breathtaking films and series with guaranteed chills in the style of a major cinematic column.

HDTV is the foundation

First of all, of course, you need the right equipment for your home cinema. Even if a projector and screen are the preferred home cinema solution, the best picture quality is rarely found here. Big screen TV with better HD picture quality. The great tv It presents a good opportunity to outfit the cinema in your four walls with a large 4K or even 8K QLED TV. The TV is often the most important part of a home cinema, so it’s important for home cinema enthusiasts not to save on a TV set to make the cinema experience as authentic as possible. Especially if the home cinema is in the living room, the TV is usually better than the projector and screen. Because modern devices provide very good image quality even in bright lighting conditions, so that additional dimming is not necessary. Likewise, TVs with good screen resolutions are the best option if your home cinema will also be used as a place for games in your four walls. So you should take enough time to choose the right TV. In the end, the bigger the TV, the better the cinematic feel. But be careful: the size of the room also plays a decisive role in choosing a TV. The rule of thumb for all HD or Ultra HD TVs is that the distance to the TV set should be twice the size of the screen diagonal.

Find a sound system suitable for home cinema

In the cinema, great sound effects and background noise are one of the reasons why you can feel like you are in the middle of the action. Accordingly, you should also select a suitable option for the boxes and amplifiers for the audio system. So that the sound also preserves what the screen promises, there is one Cinema room ambient sound to install. This requires different speakers that must be aligned at certain distances from each other to ensure an optimal audio experience.

Choose exciting movies and series

Once you have an HDTV and the right sound system, you should also consider a cinema program. Many movie fans tend to fall back on the old classics and be disappointed after just a few minutes if the picture and sound quality aren’t as high as they were meant to be. The reason for this is outdated technology, so usually only new movies and films are able to meet such high standards. a look at The movie starts in 2022 This can be treated, so that both scary horror movies Plus exciting thrillers that can give you chills. So, if you want to enjoy movies in the best quality, you should instead get new movies and new movies. Streaming services from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Maxdome offer a large selection for this. In this way, it is always possible to guarantee a successful evening at the cinema with your four walls.

Install the right lighting in the home cinema

The lighting in the cinema room should also be chosen carefully. Well-chosen light sources are a particularly important criterion for an atmospheric atmosphere. Here it must be ensured as much as possible that there are no glare and reflections with the TV set and that the lighting is not distracting. Through the wall lights With dimmable LED bulbs It will always be possible to adjust the brightness according to personal wishes. A ceiling lamp should also be installed to install sufficiently bright lighting, which is essential for home theater cleaning. The windows in the cinema room should also be completely dark, so dark roller blinds are especially appropriate here.

Seating areas and reclining chairs should promise plenty of comfort

Comfort is a top priority in cinema. A comfortable sofa and real cinema chairs can make all the difference here. Ideally, in addition to the lying area, a few TV chairs with a comfortable head and neck rest should also be provided. Most furniture stores have a large selection ideally designed for home cinema setups.

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