Everything will change – Udaya

The year is 2054. Ben, Vinnie, and Keri live together on a fixed quota. But through an old man, they realize the existence of a strange creature with a long neck that they do not know: a giraffe. They are intrigued by the discovery that only a few decades ago their world was inhabited by many other creatures, all of which seem to be now extinct, and set out in search of clues as to why this species went extinct. And they formulated a plan to use hacking to put this issue in the media…

EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE – official trailer [HD]

Everything will change You don’t want to just be science fiction, but advertise with “Science + Fiction” on the label. Indeed, filmmakers are also intertwined in a variety of media forms here: fictional scenes from the future are intertwined with fairy-tale narration, authentic documentary material and quotes from today’s scholars and filmmakers.

It all adds up to a decidedly weak and slow storyline with additional layers of interest and intrigue, which together convey an utterly hopeful message: We are still at a major turning point in history, where things can still be changed, and the extinction of species can be stopped.


However, up to this point, the story zigzags slowly and is quite simple in its basic structure:
– Supporters of realization of the problem.
The protagonists (except for the protagonist) set out to find more information.
– The protagonists of the novel explain to the protagonist what they have missed.
Proponents of the novel decide to make the topic public in the media.
– Supporters of failure. Heroes try plan B.

It is a very simple story structure, which unfortunately does not create any tension and, above all, only expands the protagonist so that more documentary material can be accommodated. Then the whole thing is broken down into chapters, which are given and commented on by the narrator, but in the end hardly anything is added.

The three heroes aimlessly walk through the story and hold the past together (Photos: Flare Film/Color Film Rentals)

Finally, there is a small arc Back to the future, but the arc that began is left to the imagination of the viewer. This is clearly not enough for the plot of a full-fledged fantasy movie – but this movie doesn’t want it to be that at all, because there is still a documentary track.


However, at this documentary level, the film works and is able to clearly describe the scenario using archive material and the original soundtrack. Interestingly enough, it puts quotes from scholars (including Prof. Mujib Latif) and filmmakers (including Wim Wenders) in a future retrospective. There is something, according to the director, that they actually implemented with great joy into the game, which, however, is somewhat annoying to viewers because of its level of popularity. All of this would have been described by the experts from our current perspective, as the heroes would have simply found this as archival material, especially since they were also wandering through the archives for much of the film (which appears to have many rooms showing that all of these Experts can make their statements in different rooms.)

In general, the film managed to put its subject in the documentary part, but failed due to the imagination that surrounds it. However, the fusion of these two narrative mediums is very innovative and fascinating.

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