Starzplay series about the suicide of Konrad Roy

zTwo teenagers, apparently in love, stand in front of each other. They drop shells and are shy. The closeness continues to grow – but there is no kissing, no touching. It can’t come because what we’re seeing is just a stage play of a truly disembodied digital connection: a good directing idea for The Girl from Plainville series created by Liz Hannah and Patrick McManus and made by five directors. These imaginary scenes are very similar to those in the few in-person meetings. Kisses happen, but Michelle (Elle Fanning) always evades the urging of Conrad (Colton Ryan), no matter how sincere their love may be. Your fear prevails. Nobody understands it better than this boy.

Michele sees an “epic love story” in her relationship with Conrad, and that’s exactly what the Hulu series brought to Germany by Starzplay shows us, without losing sight of the annoyance that arises when this love culminates in Conrad’s suicide. At least a girlfriend helped. A juvenile court in Taunton, Massachusetts, will rule that her temptation made her guilty of manslaughter. Of course, we know from the first few seconds that a depressed Conrad suggested an ending like Romeo and Juliet – a double suicide as the greatest proof of love. This sets a framework in which the told plot unfolds very quietly over the course of eight episodes (half will suffice; there’s a lot of wasted time). Despite the web of lies and contradictions in Michelle’s behavior, we see two weak and mentally unstable young men supporting each other ultimately fatally mishandling their fears.

The series does not claim that Michelle, who was initially portrayed as a maniac and mourner, is innocent. Although the girl tried for a long time to persuade her irreplaceable boyfriend, who often confessed his desire to die, to ask for help, at one point she switched gears and finally asked him to put into practice what he declared. I texted him “Do it now, you’re ready.” When the frightened man got out of the truck full of carbon monoxide, Michele ordered him back into the car over the phone. At least that’s what you write to a friend afterwards. At this crucial point, the series’ creators allow the heroine to have a meta appearance that is self-suspension and mutilation.

Exacerbation of anxiety disorders in adolescents due to medication; Emotional Self-Loss of Character – Technically Unstable Youth in Social Media: “The Girl from Plainville” has a very objective theme in all respects. And when Conrad and Michelle, like all teens, practice putting pop culture in front of the mirror—he repeats rap songs, repeats dialogue from the “Glee” series—the authors were clever enough to build a complex subjective reference to blurring lines between reality and fantasy. Artificially crying, Michele imitated the famous farewell song of Rachel’s character (Lea Michele) by late 2013 lead actor Cory Monteith, who was also Michelle’s real-life partner.

What makes this series problematic is the fact that it attaches itself to a particular situation with disturbing precision. On the highly publicized trial of Michelle Carter in 2017, Konrad Roy III. It is said that she pushed her to death with her letters, and there are already several documentaries. For the series, which is also partly a tight drama (weak), almost all of the cast-like cast are cast — pretty good actors: Chloe Sevigny in particular shines as Conrad’s lovable and powerful mother — the death truck also looks like he’s real. Farewell messages, which reached the media in the process, are shown literally, as are many intimate messages. Conrad’s videos were filmed exactly about his anxiety disorder. All this not only openly exposes Michelle Carter, who, after being released from prison two years ago, has remained silent to this day, but also violates the dignity of the Roy family. However, the production does not formulate its own thesis on the truly intriguing question, whether words can kill, which has yet to be answered (legally certain) seventy years after the invention of the speech act theory.

Anxiety about the desired realism until the reconstruction of the last day of Conrad’s life, which undoes what happened with his improved version on the screen and turns it into entertainment – getting to know teenagers, for example, is like a regular TV romance; Michelle’s unrelated affection for her friend (Pearl Amanda Dixon) appears to be greatly exaggerated – so great that it condenses into a moral questioning of the exploitative true crime genre as a whole. The expansion of the quasi-documentary narrative through phantom sentiment becomes questionable, especially when the wounds are still recent. At the same time, the danger of eavesdropping is greater here. Had Hannah and McManus become more detached from the real issue, a compelling series could have been created about the devious control that digital connectivity seems to offer emotionally uprooted teens.

The girl from Plainville It works on Starzplay.

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