Without a Madonna but with four bodies: German trailer for the biographical mini-series “Santa Evita” – Series News

The Disney+ streaming service surprises you with a surprisingly dark project for the Mouse House. “Santa Evita” is about what happened to the body of former Argentine first lady Eva Perón († 1952). Here is the trailer:

Eva “Evita” Perón (Natalia Oreiro), the star of the nickname “Santa Evita”, wife of Argentine President Juan Perón (Dario Grandinetti), was loved by the people. This was also due to her outward beauty and charm, but mainly to her immense social commitment and unwavering commitment to the underprivileged.

When she died of cancer in 1952 at the age of 33, Evita was embalmed while waiting for the construction of a massive tomb, which was never completed. Because in 1955 the military overthrew the Peron government and hid the body in secret locations for 19 years. Duplicate copies were made even to cause confusion. The new administration feared that the hugely popular Evita could still be used as a weapon against the regime in this case.

Evita’s whereabouts sparked speculation for decades and had a lasting impact on Argentine politics. Some of the most powerful generals shivered before their unburied corpses, which, according to an increasingly savage and astounding legend, were wandering due to the lack of a last resting place…

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“Santa Evita” premieres July 26, 2022 exclusively on the Disney+ streaming service. This date was chosen carefully, because it coincides with the 70th anniversary of the death of Eva Peron, who is still revered in her native country.

Anyone who wants to pass the time until then with a touching, compellingly illustrated, and star-studded biographical film can check out Alan Parker.”EvitaLook. Pop star Madonna stars in her best on-screen performances, Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Pryce. catchy songs like Academy Award winning “Don’t Cry For Me Agentina” come from the pop music Andrew Lloyd Webber (“The Phantom of the Opera”, “Cats”).

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Santa Evita: Truth meets fiction

Santa Evita is based on the realistic novel of the same name by Argentine writer Tomas Eloy Martinez. The volume was first published in 1995, and has sold over ten million copies worldwide. With the release of the seven episodes on Disney+, this already impressive number is sure to grow rapidly.

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The series’ authors and screenwriters are Pamela Rementería (“Rotten”) and Marcela Guerty (“Elsa and Fred”). It was directed by Rodrigo Garcia (Albert Nobbs) and Alejandro Massi (El Impostor), while star actor Salma Hayek produced.

Starring Natalia Oreiro from Netflix’s “Today We Fix The World”, Ernesto Altero (“The Dark Tales of a Train Passenger”), Diego Velazquez (“The Thundermans”), Francesc Orella (“The Perfect Boss”), Dario Grandinetti (“Maradona: a wonderful blessing”) in front of the cameras. If you don’t want to miss “Santa Evita” and other important new releases – be it cinema or home cinema – Then simply sign up for our free newsletterwhich is published every Thursday.

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