Wedding with Hurdles by Boris Johnson

The Big Boris Show Is Over – But Is It Really? In London, Prime Minister Boris Johnson took too long to realize that he simply could not rule without a party and without a government. Even if you take into account that in his self-portrait he was the only one who won the general election. But the resignation everyone is talking about is not even half. Although Johnson has announced that he will now resign as Conservative Party leader, he will remain in his government position until a successor is found – possibly until the party conference in October.

Three or four months is plenty of time for political tricks and propaganda, which the 58-year-old politician with a confused aura has perfected. At least he got a chance to celebrate his July 30 wedding to Carrie Johnson in a grand gala at Checkers, the British Prime Minister’s official country home, as planned. Invitations have already been sent out, and there is no sign of closing either.

In the middle of a hot summer, with water in short supply in Italy, we give a harbinger of what could threaten us in the “coming emergency winter” with a snowy image of the Brandenburg Gate. Our association consists of three words: “cold, dark, expensive.” Germany still depends on Vladimir Putin’s estate, Russian gas, which covers 18 percent of Germany’s total energy consumption. Currently, only 40 instead of 100 percent of the material is running through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline (technical issues), and ten-day maintenance work will begin next Monday. This could provide the following rationale for throttling.

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We are half How companies and the state develop contingency plans and expand the search for new energy sources. Not much more than would be expected from tankers from America with fracking gas. It will be years before renewable energies free us from the prison of “Russian gas” that we have imposed on ourselves. So the politicians will prepare us, carefully and with carefully chosen words, for renunciation and deprivation.

The biggest hope remains: a mild winter.

It is clear that those closely associated with the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom are in mortal danger The Kalashnikov is in Putin’s arsenal of economic weapons with which we have always been targeted. At least five directors associated with Gazprom have died under suspicious circumstances in recent weeks. Recently, Yuri Voronov was found dead in the pond of his villa in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg, as the logistics company wanted to help Gazprom with Arctic projects. And in January, the former director of Gazprom, Leonid Shulman, was found dead in the bathroom of his home in the same town.

And in the same region, Alexander Tyuliakov, deputy general director of Gazprom, died in February: hanged in his villa. In April, the former deputy head of Gazprom Bank, Vladislav Avaev, died along with his wife and daughter – an alleged protracted suicide. And finally, in May, Andrei Krukovsky fell to his death while walking off a cliff. He managed the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort operated by Gazprom. The Polish research center “Warsaw Institute” believes that the monuments should be destroyed Fraud between the Kremlin and the state company can lead.

Gazprom could also operate with more elegant humor. The huge government conglomerate houses important media, including the video portal Rutube. Now it became known that Russian comedians Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov, pseudonym “Vovan” and “Lexus”, organize digital bell pranks all over the world. So they turned to Vitali Klitschko to bring up something explosive about Ukraine from Berlin Mayor Franziska Jaffe.

But they also called Justin Trudeau, George Bush Jr., or JK Rowling. In an interview with ARD magazine “Kontraste” they said, “We work with Rutube and the ambassadors of Rutube. This is where we get our money from.” Next week we’ll see what Jeffy said to these comedians.

Omid Nouribor

The green party’s federal chair is questioning the debt brakes, which coalition partner FDP feels committed to.

(Photo: PhotoTech/Getty Images)

The working conditions of the Traffic Light Consortium are now the same as those of students’ shared housing, who were new to the city, happily partyed at first, but are now at odds over plans to clean up and fill the fridge. The good feeling isn’t completely gone yet, but somehow it’s so annoying that you often drink beer outside.

How else it ought to be when the Greens and the Liberals do not envy each other for their successes, and Olaf Schultz, who has been miraculously pushed into the Chancellery, must make sure that the SPD does not suddenly stand behind the populist Greens, whom they seem to have forgiven more than Jealous. In an interview with Handelsblatt, Green Party leader Omid Nouripour admitted that he is eager for the summer holidays: “Now a break is more urgently needed than ever.”

In detail, the politician says about…

  • Government climate: “It goes without saying that in the coalition you sometimes have to fight for solutions. At the same time, we have implemented important projects, for example various laws for the rapid expansion of renewable energies this week.”
  • … Rethinking Nuclear Energy: On social issues, the continued operation of the three nuclear power plants will not help us. We are talking about nuclear energy here. This isn’t a clumsy bureaucracy, it’s dead dangerous in the literal sense of the word. If one of the screws is loose, entire areas will have a problem. Nobody can take responsibility for that, not even Friedrich Merz or Marcus Soder.”
  • ...Power supply: Nobody is happy that we now have to buy gas in Qatar or leave coal power in reserve for much longer. But it is also clear to everyone: the war shakes a lot of certainty in society as a whole. We must do everything we can to prevent the country from deindustrializing and prepare as best we can for a gas ban.”

For the second time in a row, Telekom CEO Tim Höttges has won the “rhetorical ranking” of Dax’s most talkative CEOs. At least that was the opinion of the University of Hohenheim and the European Speech Writer Network jury – also because Hotgs described the goal of full mobile coverage of the railway as the “black shepherd”, while the competition offered a more Dalmatian quality, so to speak.

Siemens newcomer Roland Busch also did well in his picks on employees, as did Theodor Weimer, CEO of Deutsche Börse, who presented the article. Of course, packed sentences and word monsters like “photon counting technology” have also become in CEO speeches. The last time in the ranking was Dominic Richter, whose company Hellofrich is no longer located in Dax. In this case, the rhetorical seminar should not help to return.

Netflix series “King of Stones”

Matthias Brandt as Magnus A. Kramer at a pool party.

(Photo: Netflix)

My Culture Tip for the Weekend: “King of Stones”, A highly entertaining series on Netflix by Jan Bonny and German production company Bildundtonfabrik, which, after all the articles, books, documentaries, and films, makes the Wirecard scam phenomenon appear for what it really was: a one-man monkey dance about money, power, and a little (mainly “digital”) future. Matthias Brandt as Dr. Magnus Cramer of “Cablecash” never loses the art of storytelling that makes it possible in the first place to raise stocks, and Thomas Schubert flanks him in the role of CEO Whisperer. They give the monkey sugar and everyone wants more.

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