New adult novels by Vera Schaub already have a following on Amazon

The fact that Vera Schaub is passionate about writing is shown by the speed with which she writes her novels. The first novel by the 21-year-old girl from Kreuzwertheim was published only last year – and she has already followed the next book. She is currently working on pursuing novels and other projects.

“You Broke Me First” is about two childhood friends who go to school together. Since Daryl is a year older than Phoebe, he then goes to college early. But then all of a sudden it disconnects and is not connected anymore. As a result, Phoebe decided not to go to the same college as planned, but to another college. After that, some time passes, but at some point the two meet again – and suddenly Daryl becomes a father.

The book is the first book in the “Broke Me” trilogy and is related in its content to the next novel in the series. Schaub’s work is published by Vagona Publishing, which publishes romance and fantasy novels.

The first little stories of elementary school advent calendars

Writing is a hobby for Vera Schaub. The 21-year-old is currently completing a dual degree in management in Würzburg. Between study and work, she still finds time to write her books. “This is my creative balance,” she said in an interview with this editor. She couldn’t imagine being a full-time writer.

Schwab wrote her first short stories in elementary school for advent calendars. “When I was 14, I started writing my first book, Follow Up, which came out last year,” she says. It deals with topics such as first love, growth, and the tragic strokes of fate. It took the 21-year-old several years to write her first novel. On the other hand, her latest book “You Broke Me First” was ready about three months later. This is also due to the fact that she took a long time to write after graduating from high school, Schaub explains.

What distinguishes the genre “new adults”.

As a teenager, the woman from Kreuzwertheim mainly read fiction books. Elements of horror can be found in her first novel, “Continue,” while “You Broke Me First” and the following books are all in the “New Adult” genre. This is a subgenre of romance novels. Schaub says it was inspired by American bestselling author Colin Hoover. One of her most famous books is “A Thousand Pieces of My Heart”.

Vera Schaub gets a lot of support from her family for her hobby. She would gobble up her books with gusto. “Even people who don’t usually like to read bought my books,” the 21-year-old says surprised. Schaub has already built a small fan community. This is also shown by the many positive reviews from customers on Amazon and Thalia websites. This is what the reader writes about the first novel “Continue”: “an exciting and unique book about love and friendship.”

Why the Schaub stories happen in the US – not in Kreuzwertheim

Schaub says that reality does not mix with fiction in her books. Her stories will take place in the USA because in this way she can create distance. “I could never write a story set in Kreuzwertheim.” Otherwise, it will be difficult for her to differentiate between reality and what is happening in her books. However, Vera Schaub wants to tackle important and current topics. In “You Broke Me First” she addresses social media abuse or racism.

Schaub has already finished writing the next installment in the “Broke Me” series, which is scheduled to be released in August. She is also writing the New Years series, where each book will be self-sufficient. The first part is about a girl and a boy who belong to different social classes, but understand each other better and better over the course of the story. Schaub has also already finished the book, and it is due to be published in December.

Vera Schwab novels Available online – eg on Amazon – at Hugendubel in Würzburg or at Thalia in Aschaffenburg.

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