Netflix Alternatives: The 7 Best Streaming Services (Comparison)

Netflix may be the most used streaming service in this country. But that doesn’t mean other streaming services aren’t up to the task. They may even beat Netflix in some ways. In this article you will find all about the top seven Netflix alternativeswhich we have compared for you as well.

Netflix Alternatives – These are the 7 best alternatives

According to Statista, Netflix was the most used streaming platform last year, but numbers for Amazon Prime, Disney Plus & Co. It doesn’t look bad either. This is because there are quite a few services that offer good alternatives to Netflix. We’ve compiled the seven best and most popular video streaming services for you:

#1 Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime streaming service ranks number one among the Netflix alternatives. Since many have a Prime subscription with Amazon, they use the digital video library since it is included in the paid service.

The big advantage is that a subscription not only gives you access to thousands of movies and series. Unlike Netflix, you can also rent movies. You also get access to all Amazon originals, which can only be seen there exclusively. You can also watch the best UEFA Champions League match live and exclusively through Amazon Prime Video on Tuesdays at no additional cost.

by the way: Amazon Prime Video can do some pretty amazing tricks that we guarantee you won’t know.

#2 Disney Plus

With Disney Plus you have all your Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geo and Pixar content under one roof. In addition to hundreds of movies and series that you can watch on demand without ads, there are also exclusive content like Amazon Prime: Disney + Originals like B-The Mandalorian that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Plus, you can stream on up to ten devices simultaneously with a Disney Plus subscription. On Netflix, on the other hand, this is only possible for up to four at the same time.

Matching: Already know the latest movies and series that will be available on Disney Plus in July 2022? We summarize it for you in our separate article. You should also not miss the latest movies and series on Sky.

No. 3 Sky Ticket / Go / Q

Sky Ticket, Sky Go, and Sky Q are a great alternative to Netflix. You have a lot of options when it comes to your subscription and you can choose and design it more flexibly. For example, do you want a short term subscription? One you can cancel or update it monthly? Then Sky Ticket is perfect for you.

If you are looking for a pay-TV station that offers you a large and diverse media library with a long-term subscription, then Sky Standard subscription is the perfect choice for you. You can also stream on up to five devices simultaneously using your Sky-Q receiver and the Sky Go app.

The content on Sky also has benefits for you. In addition to movies and series of all kinds, there are also many sports and other channels such as HBO. Other subscriptions are also included in some Sky packages. Among other things, Netflix is ​​one of them.

#4 TV Now

The closest alternative to Netflix is ​​TV NOW, which belongs to RTL’s streaming platform. The advantage of this alternative is the free package: you stream online highlights for free at least seven days after the TV broadcast. You can watch series, shows, news, magazines and documentaries from RTL, VOX, VOXup, RTLZWEI, NITRO, SUPER RTL, TOGGO plus, NOW! and watch ntv.

However, there is also a huge advantage to the premium subscription. You can watch RTL originals, take the broadcaster’s live broadcasts with you and unlimited broadcasts. This means that unlike Netflix and the above alternatives, you don’t have a device limit.

However, you must stream it via Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, or AirPlay. In our separate article, we will tell you how to install TV now on your Samsung TV.

#5 Telekom Magenta TV

Are you a Telekom customer? Then Magenta TV might be worth it as a Netflix alternative for you. As with Sky, you have a wide range of channels and subscriptions. These include public and private factors and you can choose between a year or a month.

Other subscriptions to streaming services like Disney Plus are also included.

And you can even stream on PC. We have the correct instructions for this in stock.

#6 Gwen

Do you want a video-on-demand service but also live TV on a pay-TV service? You are in the right place with this Netflix alternative. German supplier Joyn combines the two.

And with a Joyn Plus subscription, you have up to 70 live TV channels and eight pay TV channels at your disposal at the same time and you can stream them in the app or online.

You can also see if streaming also works on devices like Xbox.


As DAZN itself wrote, you get a full load of (live) sports by subscribing to the streaming service. However, this station does not offer videos for other genres.

Compare alternatives

How the services compare to each other depends on the criteria (links) that you value most. You can see the comparison results in our table:

Amazon Prime Video Disney Plus Sky / Go / Q . ticket TV now Telekom Magenta TV Gwen dazn
the prices 7.99 euros per month. 8.99 euros per month. From 15 euros per month From 4.99 € per month. From 10 euros per month. 6.99 euros per month. €29.99 per month.
video library Thousands of movies and series
Amazon Origins
– Live broadcast of Tuesday’s match, the top of the UEFA Champions League
– Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geo and Pixar content
Disney Plus Originals
Thousands of movies and series
– Other pay TV stations (their media libraries)
– Series, shows, news, magazines and documentaries – Over 180 channels (many public and private)
– Disney Plus
– RTL +
– 70 Live TV channels and 8 Pay TV channels Sports content only
Subscriptions – Trial Subscription (30 days)
– Monthly subscription
– Annual subscription
Student subscription
– Monthly subscription
– Annual subscription
– Entertainment Plus Package
Cinema Package
German Football League Package
Sports package
– excellent
(4.99 euros)
– Premium Duo (7.99 euros)
– Monthly or annual subscription -free
– JoynPlus
– Monthly and yearly subscription
Hardware Max 3 Max 4 Max 5 Unlimited Max 3 Unlimited Max 4
Seven best alternatives to Netflix in comparison

Sources: Statista, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Sky, RTL+, Telekom, Joyn, DAZN

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