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“Dark” is perhaps one of the most exciting and successful German series on Netflix. The mystery series was celebrated not only in Germany, but also internationally. Since its end, fans have been looking forward to the new productions of the “Dark” makers. Now the first teaser for “1899” has appeared, which shows that the series can be at least dark and complex. Best of all: it should be coming out this year!

Even the music in the teaser for “1899” should immediately make fans think of “Dark.” Once again, producers Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar chose a mysterious story full of supernatural mysteries. After the success of their joint series, the two founded their own production company. With Dark Ways they want to produce high quality stories and market them globally. “1899” is the production company’s first project and follows the “Dark” style. But see for yourself:

What is the theme of 1899?

The title “1899” indicates the year this series was set. But this time, the place is not a small town in Germany, but Kerberos, an immigrant ship on its way from Europe to America. But the crossing is not going as planned. At sea, Kerberos meets another ship that has been missing for months. What he finds on board will change the lives of passengers forever and pose a terrifying mystery. A web of secrets seems to tie each passenger’s past together.

When will 1899 come to Netflix?

It was originally reported that the series might arrive on Netflix in early 2022. Apparently nothing has come of it. According to the portal “Whats on Netflix” report, the start may now fall in November. That would be about a year after the end of filming, which can certainly be explained by the intricate post-production phase. Because a whole new way of shooting was tested for the series. The film was shot in the newly built Studio Dark Bay using sound technology. “With this state-of-the-art technology, virtual sets and locations can be shown behind the actors in such a way that the photographers and performers feel as if they are in the middle of the original locations. This helps more than anything else to set the right mood while playing,” explains Baran Bo Odar in an interview from Behind the scenes about the series.

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Who is starring in 1899?

At that time there were people from all over Europe on an immigrant ship bound for America. The staff reflects this, too. In “1899” we see not only Germans, but also many international actors that Netflix fans may already know from other series. For example, there is Miguel Bernardo, known to many as Guzman from the Spanish series “Elite”. Many of you probably know the Danish actor Lukas Lingard Tonsen from the series “Rain”. But the actor “Dark” will also play a leading role in the movie “1899”. Many may still know Andreas Bechmann as the adult Jonas. Maciej Musical, Mathilde Olivier, and Emily Beacham, among others, will take on other leadership roles.

Image Credit: Netflix / Rasmus Voss

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