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Viewers can now watch a satirical review of the Wirecard scandal on Netflix. The movie “King of Stones” was filmed in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Important – The Wirecard scandal is the largest financial scandal in Europe since World War II. There is already documentation on this topic. A fanciful reassessment of the topic was also only a matter of time. The German series “King of Stones” has been on Netflix since Wednesday (July 6).

However, the six episodes handle the real events differently than one might think. Neither the “Wirecard” nor the names of Markus Braun and Jan Marsalek was mentioned. Instead, the real scandal serves somewhat loosely as a model for unbridled satire. For the folks at NRW, it’s only worth the switch because of the landscape. Because the movie “King of Stones” was filmed in Dusseldorf.

“King of Stones” (Netflix): The series was filmed in Dusseldorf

There is a specific reason that the NRW state capital is the location of the event. Director Jean Bony revealed to the magazine capital, that person consciously wanted to present images that viewers did not yet know very well about. “We were able to rediscover our characters in Düsseldorf,” the director said in an interview. “Catholic in unicorn style is simply a wonderful breeding ground, a drink of prayer and drinking, where in some way everything can be swept under the rug.”

For Jean Boni, the setting of the story is just as important as the plot. That’s what he said Rheinische Post, He always depicts places as much as he depicts stories. “It’s good to be concrete in telling stories through locations, when the texture becomes specific, when you know where the characters really live,” he was quoted as saying in the newspaper article.

But what exactly is the King of Stones series on Netflix about? Viewers follow the events surrounding Felix Armand (Thomas Schubert), who wants to reach the top of fintech company CableCash – and knows no qualms in this path. While his illustrious boss Magnus (Matthias Brandt) gets the public’s attention, Armand must cover up the scams and keep the mafia, investors, stock market regulators and short sellers happy with the tall tidbits and somehow get the company’s public offering.

‘King of Stones’ (Netflix): A satirical review of the Wirecard scandal

“King of Stones” is indeed a success story. The premiere took place on June 25 at the Munich Film Festival. There was an award right away: the Bernd Burgmeister Television Award in the “Best Series” category. Previous reviews were also positive: “Fantastically over the top and at the same time eerily transcribed from reality,” said a video review at the Süddeutsche Zeitung, where “King of Stones” was praised as “amazingly well written.” .

By the way, the series was produced by bildundtonfabrik (btf). She was already in charge of another Netflix series that deals sarcastically with real events: “How to Sell Drugs Online (Quickly)”. Director Jan Boni filmed a number of episodes of “Tatort” for public television and brought a drama about NSU horror to cinemas with “Wintermärchen” in 2019.

The six episodes of “King of Stones” are watched quickly. Once done, you will find countless other series on Netflix. One of the biggest successes is the movie Stranger Things. Fans of the format can be pleased: the star of the series will soon be coming to NRW. By the way, if you like to eat chips while watching TV, you should be careful. Because the manufacturer stops selling two popular types.

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