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It wasn’t protest that prevented the gender lecture

It should be noted that the event was canceled because the university management believed that it could not guarantee safety due to the protests that had been announced. So it wasn’t the lecture that was disrupted or interrupted – it was previously canceled. It was not the protesters who prevented the event – but the university administration that canceled the lecture. Here the hypothetical threat turns into a real one – to discredit criticism. this is not fair.

Vollbrecht Lecture: Biology at the High School Level

Why would you invite someone like that to give a lecture? Where is your scientific expertise in issues of gender theory? So, did the students in no way question the scientific nature, but actually defended it? By demanding the criteria each critique must meet. Anyone who looks at the lecture on the Internet waves at it at first. This is high school biology. Vollbrecht once again explains the basics and advantages of sexual reproduction. There is no serious voice in gender research against this.

[LIVE]    Uni canceled Evolution lecture by Biologist |  Photo: donnasdottir (via YouTube)

[LIVE] Uni University has canceled the evolution lecture given by a biologist

However, another question arises: by what right is knowledge transferred from the animal kingdom as a criterion for extremely complex human social conditions? Simone de Beauvoir’s famous sentence “One is not born a woman, but becomes one.” Then gender theorist Judith Butler posed the heretical question: Can we even know what is biology and what is sociology? That is why she distinguished sex from sex. Not denying biological sex. I just wondered if we are able to objectively distinguish between the two because of our social conditioning. Vollbrecht sweeps that away with a blanket assertion that we can always assign characteristics to male/female naturally based on objective characteristics such as voice: “Sex really needs a biological fact that there are two sexes.” It remains unclear which texts in gender research interact with it. So her accusation is surprising: Gender Studies is not in a position to “properly” monitor gender. A classic circular argument: people are “objectively” capable of distinguishing between genders, which is why gender studies cannot make any objective statements because they question the facts. To put it bluntly: biology is everything, society is nothing. Sounding like nineteenth-century human biology, these monistic sevens and poorly deconstructed considerations of the question of sex by biologist Marie-Louise Voulbrecht.

Freedom of expression in danger?

Anatoly Stefanovich

I would be interested to know how a lecture entitled “Sex is not the same as sex. Sex and gender and why there are only two genders in biology” in the “Long Night of Science” programme, organized by a PhD student … 1/

Vollbrecht seems to have never heard the bad story of her department, Biology—she seems to see no problem in passing her observations from the animal kingdom to humans. This social Darwinism was fatal to Nazism, defining what was healthy and what was unnatural. It also seems to have dealt only superficially with gender research. Enough of rumors and slander. This also makes her a committed activist against gender mainstreaming. That might be enough on Twitter; For the record, this is not enough. That’s why the call as a speaker was scandalous. But not the students’ protest against it.

The feedback doesn’t look much better. Before you dress as a savior of freedom of expression, the facts should be checked, or at least the pros and cons should be checked. If the students had been silent, no one would have paid attention to this lecture. It was only the vortex of excitement after the cancellation that attracted so much attention to this poor show. But it also does not speak of a culture of debate in which every occasion, no matter how small, is used to accuse the supposed opponent of not allowing the discussion. Freedom of speech deserves better defenders than those loud rhetoric.

Addendum: Vollbrecht lecture will be offset July 14th – it appears the university is now assessing the risk situation differently. It meets criticism by including the lecture in a discussion round. Meanwhile, a Humboldt University spokeswoman has distanced herself from the remarks Fulbrecht made after the cancellation in Die Welt. In it she spoke of “hype” across, describing the third sex as a “legal fantasy” and citing the risk of rape if a “transgender woman herself” was allowed into rooms reserved for women only: “Heliopolis University has committed itself to this obligation of ‘mutual respect for the other’, We therefore expressly depart from the article and the opinions expressed in it.”

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