What’s New in Cinema and Live Streaming: Which Movies Are Worthwhile – and Which Aren’t – with Culture

A selection of movie releases as of July 7, 2022.



David Steinitz: Sisi suffers from anorexia and depression. In this drama, just after her fortieth birthday, Empress Elizabeth (Vicky Cripps) fights against the ideals of the body, misogyny, and the apparatus of power at court. Marie Kreutzer She doesn’t claim to reveal the real Sisi down to the last historical detail, but she frees her from Romy Schneider by means of fiction – which Romy Schneider would surely have liked.


love things

Philip Boverman: Frida has a book on the topic of “castration” under her pillow, which is what we usually imagine feminism in Germany. Annika Decker wants to bridge the two – feminism and Germany -. So she sends Elias Mubarak to win Frida for a heterosexual romance with a happy ending. Kissing takes place in a large vagina made of cloth and cardboard, framed in a feminist manner.


Peacock’s paradise

Anna Steinbauer: The whole family gathers for Nina’s birthday: the son and daughter including the granddaughter, the ex-husband with a new partner and the servants with the family. And then there is the Paco Peacock, the protagonist who bears the family name of the drama Laura Bisbury, whose tragic fate sheds light on the true feelings and struggles of each character. Unfortunately, family relationships remain just as ambiguous as the dialogues, which is why the quiet room play – despite the great Alba Rohrwacher as her neurotic daughter-in-law – gets lost in the exaggerated plot.


Rifkins Festival

David Steinitz: With a delay of nearly three years Woody Allens The last movie so far in German cinemas. An elderly writer drives with his wife to the San Sebastian Film Festival. A relationship begins with a director while he falls in love with a Spanish doctor. Allen’s typical terrain with some pretty good ideas (Christoph Waltz is like death in a daydream from Bergman’s “Seventh Seal”), but it’s still one of his lackluster films.


That’s what I really know

Joseph Wernshofer: Abandoned warehouse, bunch of headlights, otherwise: no stranger. The director uses images that are scattered and thus accurate Andrew Dominic He is preparing his documentary about the friendship between Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. A subtle portrait of two musicians sung by great pop music, and more: cult.


Thor: Love and Thunder

Fritz Goetler: The great project of superheroes is finally explicitly named, just like Nietzsche – abolishing and replacing traditional tried and tested deities, ancient white lightning bolts. At the helm of the case is The God Butcher, a bitter, ruthless alien bent on avenging the death of his infant daughter, played by Christian Bale, a specialist in traumatized superheroes. But Chris Hemsworth as Thor is also fully involved, he deals with father Zeus, the great god, Russell Crowe. Natalie Portman is Thor’s lover again, and she’s so sick, she’s hoping the hammer will cure her. Taika Waititi He’s also taken a Marvel piñata, and he doesn’t take it seriously, but he does take it seriously enough.


Four walls for two

Sophia Glassell: Businesswoman Sarah Turbo buys a second home just in case her boring marriage eventually comes to an end. The catch: The previous owner, Lola, secures the right to residence for life. The fact that the two must oppose each other is just as obvious as the unequal friendship that develops here. From now on, the hippie and bourgeois novelty goes through everything together, from adultery to heart attack to consultation in a specialty coffin shop. In the first appearance of the Spanish director Burnaby Rico Based on a play by Juan Carlos Rubio, there’s a whole telenovela melodrama, but Almodovar veteran, Kitty Manver, dressed in a floral gown and mole cups, turns pot-smoking Lola into a charming artist with an intelligent life.


Welcome to Siegheilkirchen

Philip Bufferman: Nazi-era rot hangs in the alleys of the Austrian village of Siegheilkirchen, in the pub, hate beer boils every evening. The innkeeper’s son pulls the neighbor’s breasts to escape confinement. But then he falls in love. Based on the biography of Austrian cartoonist Manfred Dix Marcus H. RosenmüllerHere with an animated movie, an enchanting tale of hate and love, where excrement sheds on all your xenophobia. what do you want more.

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