Franz Xaver Kroetz and Marie Theres Relin: This is behind their comeback as a married couple

Shared kisses are history. Their new joint history now lives and loves culture…

As author and acting duo, Marie-Thérèse Reelen (56, “Hausfrauenrevolution”) and “Baby Schimmerlos” Franz Xaver Kroetz (76, “Kir Royal”) belong to one of the most dazzling couples on the celebrity scene.

The parents of three children (33, 30, 27) are now divorced for the longest (16 years) of their marriage from 1992 to 2006. “Now,” says the great’s daughter, Maria Schell (79), “I am also the opener for the good Kroetz.”

An adorable couple from the ’80s and ’90s: After divorcing 16 years ago, Franz Xavier Kreutz and Marie-Thérèse Reelen are well together today

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pardon? YOU TO BILD: “It would be unique and for me it would also be a little sense.” Kroetz reads Kroetz – Relin has already officially introduced the double name. Yet it represents a special morning. “A unique piece together on stage.”

The former writer couple made themselves comfortable in the oldest cinema in Munich still in existence (the Lichtspiele Museum). With an insight into his yet unpublished biography. Raylan: “Anyone who knows my ex knows there’s a lot of truth in him, but also a little imagination. He doesn’t reveal anything beforehand. And I don’t know what else will come of it.”

Cult to this day: Attracted by ARD . series

Cult to this day: The ARD series “Kir Royal” with Franz Xaver Kroetz and (here) Dieter Hildebrandt attracted millions to watch TV 36 years ago

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Like this, for example, Relin Kroetz reads paragraphs about “perfectly normal situations” in a relationship with a smile and a wink. As it was then, or could have been, when the weary writer came home and needed more love…

lively! The ex-couple can laugh together and make others smile. Kroetz is as entertaining as he used to be when everyone linked him to the cult reporter “Baby Schimmerlos” from the hit Kir Royal series. He talks about writing: “I want an existential orgasm as I write, I want to be close to Casanova or James Joyce or Marcel Proust – and I can’t even write a cookbook anymore.”

They chose a private cinema to read them.  Ticket cost reduced by nine euros

They chose a private cinema to read them. The cost of tickets reduced nine euros “only”. “Culture ticket 9 euros, so to speak…”

Photo: Hans Rudolf Schulze

Highlight: The event was intentionally kept “miniature”. 90 guests only, reduced entry: 9 euros only. Raylene: “This is also a statement from us. Because just like with the train, we also need a €9 ticket for culture. We drove the organizers crazy with this idea.” They would have declared that they were crazy: “You can sell hundreds of tickets for 50 euros for something like that – but we won’t…”

As a couple, it ended at some point, as a family Franz Xavier Kreutz and Marie-Therese Reelen are still a team.  Together they have three older children

As a couple, it ended at some point, as a family Franz Xavier Kreutz and Marie-Therese Reelen are still a team. Together they have three older children

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Marie-Therese, a committed writer, was awarded the Upper Bavaria Integration Prize for her projects “Cinema of Women of All Cultures” and “Conceptual Masculinity and Bavarian Women” (Relean on Kreutz): each of them has always had their own mind.

The couple met in 1987 after their huge success 36 years earlier with the “Car Royal” Detail series around the stylish Munich crowd. 1992 wedding, 2006 divorce. Today the relationship is “really good”.

“Kroetz,” as she likes to call the ex, “is still his room in my house in Tenerife. I won’t say here if he has strict cleaning requirements. We’ve raised the kids really well. Maybe you can be good to each other, even if you don’t break up.” due to other partners.

They both got some after getting married, they are currently single and now a married couple on stage for the first time. However, it must remain “unique”.

Kreutz: “Why is reading required? Can’t you read yourself? It only makes sense in a home for the blind.”

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