Proof of occupational disability: fictitious functional disability and a 6-month condition

Have you been “on sick leave” for several months, i.e. unable to work, and now want to claim your disability pension?

Anyone applying for a special BU pension must Evidence – proof It causes him to be unable to work last occupation he is. What is meant by this is to know him Insurance terms. Contracts vary in nuances, so requirements should always be checked professionally.

Most BI insurance contracts provide for an occupational disability if the insured person is also

  • It’s likely to be unavailable for at least 6 months will beTo practice the last profession


  • Couldn’t do this for 6 consecutive months was (disability fiction)

The second alternative (the fantasy) is usually more suitable for the claimant, since it is difficult to make a future prediction according to alternative 1, whether the reduction in performance will last for at least 6 months.

Now you are wondering if your BU pension should be paid without further ado because you haven’t been able to work in your profession for 6 months?

basically: yes…

However, you should expect your insurance company to incorrectly apply the consumer-friendly clause.

What makes things so difficult for you as a customer is that insurance companies come up with arguments that, looked at individually, are not wrong, but rather reflect the legal situation in a strange way and delay the approval of the pension.

It is often argued that disability fiction only saves the client from having to prove that the decline in performance is “perhaps permanent” in that this future predictions It is replaced by an adverb from the past. That is, through the continued existence of six months of “inability to practice the previous occupation.

In essence, this argument is valid.

However, it becomes difficult with the second part of the usual defense strategy for insurers: they take the position that the customer is also with the six-month clause Provide medical evidence That in the past period there was already an occupational handicap. So far, this is true, but why not simply pay the pension when you have Certifications of the African Union Submit to an insurance company?

The truth is that insurance companies usually do not recognize AU certificates as evidence of BU past 6 months. Here comes the argument – I find – insidious – that inability to work meaning health insurance It doesn’t match that inability meaning BU private insurance. Inability to work is not expected to be permanent, while inability to work is permanent. If we look at it by itself, it’s not wrong either. But not really, because imagining the inability to work has a purpose from a situation from which one can still proceed I don’t knowif it was continuous permanent to watch. It is just a fantasy, that is, the terms of service are created “artificially”, a customer-friendly regulation in order to avoid the difficulties of forecasting. Thus, the insurance company is forbidden to say that the inability to work is temporary.

For many business intelligence insurers, this is clearly too easy for customers in their small print, consciously ignoring the fact that AU certifications medical documents Actions appropriate to provide evidence. Finally, employers or the health insurance company can be checked by the MDK in the event of longer periods of absence and do so if there are any doubts.

The meaning of the imaginary sentence is that you should get your benefits as quickly as possible in the existential situation if the requirements are met.

Prepare claims for benefits with professional support and don’t simply accept exam delays.

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