Why was there no organized resistance to Trump’s January 6 coup?

The ongoing hearings in the US Congress on the events of January 6, 2021 have revealed harsh truths about the poor and dangerous state of American democracy.

The sessions proved conclusively that Donald Trump and his allies made a serious and determined attempt to overthrow the constitutional order and establish a fascist presidential dictatorship; That this conspiracy included a large part of the Republican Party and the judiciary, and undoubtedly elements within the army as well; that she was only minutes (or maybe seconds) and inches away from success; and that their failure was not the result of any organized resistance, but rather the result of chance, logistics, inexperience, etc.

This last fact needs to be emphasized. The American media constantly produces “heroes”, but even they could not find a single political figure associated with the resistance to the January 6 uprising, not a single act of daring or courage, not a single photo opportunity, nothing. Fleeing politicians, people hiding under their seats – not a picture, not a sentence, not a gesture associated with resistance, not even a single act of symbolic confrontation.

Ongoing hearings have highlighted the scale of the events. They discovered important new facts, even explosive ones. But they beg the question even more: Why did it take 18 months to bring the public’s attention to reality? In any case, there is not the slightest indication that sessions will form the basis for any action. President Biden continues to refer to members of the Republican Party as “my friends.”

It is clearer than ever that no attempt has been made in any way to prevent or stop the coup, either before or during it. The contrast between the scale of the crimes uncovered and the mediocrity of the response is striking.

Why was this fascist coup so close to success?

Its preparation was no secret. It was largely publicly organized. Trump repeatedly announced his plans in the weeks and months leading up to the 2020 election.

The WSWS He repeatedly referred to the constant threat at the time. As we commented in September 2020: “Trump is an outright fascist plotting to establish a presidential dictatorship. … if it was [Präsidentschafts-]If the debate has made one thing clear, it is that it will not accept the outcome of the election. A whole series of these quotes can be cited.

No faction or individual in the political establishment has attempted to prevent Trump’s criminal operation beforehand. No one warned the residents of the enormous dangers that threatened them in January 2021. The democratic rights of the American people were left completely unprotected to be trampled by fascist mobs.

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