Oh Hell: The second season of the MagentaTV series has been ordered

Oh Hell continues with the second season. It premiered on MagentaTV in March of this year. On pay-TV, it will be used by WarnerTV Comedy. Telekom TV President Arnim Butzen announced the extension in an interview with DWDL.de.

Find out what Magenta TV has to offer now

There it says:No, the chain remains important to us and we continue to buy a lot. With the song “Oh Hell” we just celebrated a huge success. The series already has many fans and very good reviews, which makes us so happy that I can announce: we are going to a second season with “Oh Hell”, which is already in the works. But what we notice is that the market for delegated chain production has changed.

Thus, it is likely that Telekom will say goodbye to in-house production in the future. In addition to Oh Hell, the Wild Republic and Deutsch-Les-Landes were also funded from Germany.

Since the beginning of in-house production, it is clear that the initial situation has changed: “When we decided to commission fictional productions a few years ago, far fewer market participants wanted to sign up with German soap operas. And we learned how difficult it is to produce successful series. But even if you do a lot of things right, it becomes difficult for you to stand out and distinguish yourself. With the increased supply today, it is very difficult to get a noticeable boost to our product with an authorized chain. The fact that the actual premiere became more significant compared to the second edition supports our decision to withdraw from production of the series.

Botzen as well: “Because there are fewer potential partnerships than when the media prefer to keep the exploitation stages within the organization. In my opinion, it seems difficult to imagine a model like “Babylon Berlin” between Sky and ARD today, as ARD also places great value on its media library. For this reason and because others are in a better position in terms of staffing and finances, we will fall back on fantasy productions in the future.

In addition to general broadcasters, RTL Germany, for example, produces more fiction than ever for RTL+ and free TV broadcasting stations, but some format has also been sent in series at Joyn and many pay-TV providers and streaming services are included here: from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Sky, Disney+, even Paramount+.

That’s what Oh Hell is all about

The German series tells about the life of 24-year-old Helen (Mala Emde), who is often only Bright he is called. In most cases, it corresponds to the opposite of an ideal InstagramThe world: bounce from one failed job to another and from one personal disaster to another. While her childhood friend, Mike (Salka Weber), travels halfway around the world, Helene only has too many browser windows open. Quite honestly, Hell evokes disasters, but it also has a high quality: she can imagine a life that goes with every face, every piece of clothing, every bit of words.

Then, in the midst of a new crisis, she meets cello teacher Oscar (Edin Hasanovic), who seems to understand it. And for the first time, Hell has a chance to live the life you would normally only imagine.

oh hellIt is a co-production of Deutsche Telekom, Warner Media and the Good Friends Film Production.

The series is adapted from author and creator Johannes Boss (Jerks, Deadlines) and presented by two Max Ophüls Award winners Lisa Miller (“Country noise‘) and Simon Ostermann (“)B96 . RoadGood Friends film production with Moritz von der Groeben as the producer responsible for the project.

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