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The co-production of NDR “The Princess” is a successful autobiography of Princess Diana, the “Queen of Hearts”. Director Ed Perkins collects images that reveal a lot about her – and the media at the time.

by Dani Marquez Marcalo

The whole kingdom is above the moon. In 1981, Buckingham Palace announced that heir to the throne Charles had found a bride: Diana Frances Spencer, who was only 20 years old. In the TV interview, they were asked what they had in common, and these early archive photos already show that there doesn’t seem to be much passion in the relationship. “We definitely love being outdoors,” Charles says. One loves music too, which is another remarkably unsurprising answer. Diana is standing next to him in these photos and laughing a little embarrassed.

“The Princess” is a documentary by Academy Award-nominated director Ed Perkins. He refrains from interviewing contemporary witnesses, and instead focuses exclusively on television images of the time. And whenever Diana and Charles appeared, there were more of them. When visiting Australia, skiing, at the White House with US President Ronald Reagan, there are always tons of cameras. They especially want to see Diana.

“The Princess”: Diana turns from a favorite character into an enemy

A beautiful young woman who approaches people, hugs them and has a smile for everyone. “She wanted to know from the people more than the usual conversation the royal family usually had with people: How are you and how long have you lived here?” says the movie.

My voice: Charles and Diana’s marriage (1 minute)

Charles and Lady D’s early failed wedding photos

The Princess movie convincingly shows how marriages seem to fail at a young age. Television experts of the time rumored: “They don’t talk to each other anymore.” After Prince Harry was born, Charles went to play polo. In the early 90s, there were amazing discoveries. Charles already loves Camilla Parker Bowles, and Diana also admits in an interview that she was unfaithful.

At this point, the movie makes an interesting note. Beloved Diana becomes Diana the enemy. When she goes to the gym, some talk show viewers complain that she does it just to get attention. Its use for charitable purposes is briefly justified with the desire for fame.

August 31, 1997: Diana dies “I killed her!”

On August 31, 1997, a car with Diana and her partner Dodi Al-Fayed sped through Paris, chased by a crowd of paparazzi. The accident in the Pont de Alma shocked the world. Hundreds of thousands of flowers were laid out in front of Kensington Palace in London. “You killed her,” shouted a passerby to the photographers.

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Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles © Picture-Alliance / dpa / London Express

A new film that presents the changing and tragic life of Princess Diana from a media point of view. A picture of Mrs. More

The documentary reveals a lot about Diana and the media

“The Princess” is an elaborate autobiography of public figure Diana, from 1981’s shy kindergarten teacher to the world’s beloved and hated icon at the end of her life. Rating interviews are not missing. The photographs collected by Ed Perkins reveal a great deal about them and the media that have accompanied them throughout their lives.

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Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles © Picture-Alliance / dpa / London Express

A new film that presents the changing and tragic life of Princess Diana from a media point of view. A picture of Mrs. More

Kristen Stewart as Diana in Pablo Larryn's Drama

4 minutes

With Kristen Stewart in the main role, Pablo Larren managed to make an unusual film about Diana Spencer, Lady Di. 4 minutes

During their visit to Hamburg, Hamburg Mayor Klaus von Dohnani welcomed Prince Charles and Diana at Fallsbüttel Airport on November 6, 1987. © Picture Alliance / dpa

Royal splendor lights up an autumnal day in the Hanseatic city in 1987: the “Princess of Hearts” and her husband sparkle and frolic in the Jungfernstieg. more

Nobility expert Rolf Silman Egbert.  © picture-alliance / dpa Photo report: Wolfgang Langenstrassen

Nobility expert Rolf Silman-Egbert can still well remember Charles and Diana’s visit to Hamburg. At the time, he was the television director of NDR and was able to welcome the couple to Lokstedt in 1987. More

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