The first queer lifestyle TV channel can now be received via MagentaTV

Frankfurt am Main (ots) –

From July 1, 2022, European TV channel OUTtv on MagentaTV, Deutsche Telekom’s television service, can be received on channel 68. With over four million German households reaching, OUTtv is the first lifestyle TV channel for the LGBTQI+ community and for all open-minded people. The program includes a large selection of Art House movies, documentaries, series, and OUT original specials.

“I am thrilled and proud that OUTtv is launching its LGBTQI+ TV channel on Deutsche Telekom! After years of desire by German OUTtv viewers and fans, our lifestyle program will now become a permanent and colorful part of the German media landscape. Over four million households are via MagentaTV. The show will be continually expanded in the coming years in order to be able to offer the audience a comprehensive television experience. OUTtv has a large number of new LGBTQI+ movies, series and documentaries on its I’ve Seen.” Founder and CEO Mark Putman

Anyone who wishes to become an OUTtv viewer but does not use MagentaTV can receive OUTtv via NetC Cologne and the Amazon PRIME Video Channel or subscribe to the special OUTtv on-demand service “OUTtv Pro”. OUTtv Pro offers a more comprehensive selection of LGBTQI+ titles, making OUTtv Pro the largest library of queer content in German-speaking Europe.

Viewers can expect highlights like Veneno and Olly Alexander – Growing Up Gay; where The Bears Are and OUT-Originals series like Krista’s Road to Eurovision; The Niki Today Tonight Show and Pride Summerweek as well as popular TV series such as Drag Race Thailand; D Tron Walk. gay rupaul to play; My life is Telenovela and Shade Queens in New York City.

The OUTtv show includes, among other things, upcoming premieres of the documentaries Detlef-60 Years Schwul, Sex, Fame and Murder; Cherry Grove Stories: The Story of Luka Magnotta and Oh Dior. Including new series like Queen of the Oilpatch; Wake up season 3; The General and Drag SOS, as well as award-winning art house movies like Mario; Where are you going my love? air; Orfeo’s Dream Dramatic Friendships Secret Paint Hard Jump, Darling, Boulevard and Elena Dip.

Blu Media Group connects brands to a wide range of target groups in German-speaking countries. As the exclusive promotional partner, Blu will also work with brands and artists to create original programming for OUTtv.

The publisher of the Blue Media Group, Olaf Alp, noted the importance of an independent LGBT+ media structure in this context. “Social media platforms regularly censor queer content, while the mainstream media are selectively interested only in our topics. Everyone has an independent existence so media channels are essential for forming opinions in our society.”

Channel OUTtv can be received freely on MagentaTV, channel position 68 (with standard channel assignment).


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About OUTtv:

OUTtv Media BV is the only TV channel in Europe for an open and gay audience. It was founded twelve and a half years ago and reaches more than seven million families in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Israel every month via a large number of European TV and network providers.

With its subsidiaries CINEMIEN Deutschland and PRO-FUN MEDIA, OUTtv also serves a full range of commercialization of films at film festivals, cinemas, video releases on DVD/Blu-ray and digital exploitation via OUTtv and external channels on various European platforms such as iTunes and Amazon Prime and Google Play.

About the Blue Media Network:

blu media network GmbH is the largest LGBTQ+ publishing house in the world. The network has a total of 11 magazines, several websites and more than 300,000 followers on social media. Among other things, the agency designs and organizes Pride Demonstration Trucks (CSD) for diverse networks of listed companies across Europe. blu media network GmbH has over 25 years of experience in LGBTQ+ niche marketing.

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