Job market: more work for Weiden’s employment center

The number of unemployed people increased in the Weiden Agency area in June 2022. This is mainly due to refugees from Ukraine, who can now apply for Basic Safety through the Job Centre.

Archive photo: Gabi Schönberger

In June, the number of people registered as unemployed at the Weiden Employment Agency increased. This extraordinary increase mainly concerns Ukrainian refugees. As of June 1, the authorities have changed their responsibilities to them. Thus, the number of unemployed men and women increased to 4,003. The unemployment rate rose to 3.4% (+0.6). With 3,732 job offers reported, the job market continues to offer excellent career prospects, the agency said in its monthly report.

Since June, Ukrainian refugees have been able to apply for basic security benefits at work centres. The prerequisite for this is a residence permit or the so-called fictitious certificate from the immigration authorities. People have three months to submit their applications to the employment centres. Because of the transitional regulations, they can continue to receive their benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act until they move to the duty station. This transitional arrangement ensures that everyone gets their money reliably. In addition, it settles applications at duty stations because not everyone has to submit their applications at the same time. Across Germany, approximately 211,000 (as of June 20, 2022) Ukrainian refugees aged 15 or over are registered in employment centers in a shared facility.

More people with basic safety

Looking at the numbers, Thomas Würdinger, CEO of the Weiden Employment Agency, provides information on the situation in the labor market: “If you look at unemployment insurance and basic insurance (“Hartz 4”) separately, there is only a little bit of an increase in the number of registered unemployed people. About 7 people or 0.4% in unemployment insurance. In the basic insurance, this increase is much higher compared to the previous month, when it reached 640 people, or 38.7%, and statistics indicate that this number is 618 people in the context of basic insurance. Refugee migration from Ukraine ” .

This can also be clearly seen in the statistics because 1,425 people were registered as new or unemployed again in the reporting month, but only 363 of them came from paid work. 787 people managed to end unemployment in the same period.

“With regard to individual groups of people, there are sometimes significant increases. The proportion of foreigners registered as unemployed in June increased by 623 people, or 112.5 percent, compared to May 2022. The number of unemployed women increased by 516 people, or 34.9 percent. The proportion of young people under the age of 25 increased by 114 people, or 40.7 percent,” explains Foringer.

Since the introduction of the Hartz IV reforms, the unemployed in need of assistance are taken care of by job centers and the unemployed who are entitled to unemployment insurance are taken care of by the employment agency. In June, 1,710 people registered for unemployment insurance, 328 fewer than in the same month last year.

The Career Center recorded a significant increase of 640 people, or 38.7 percent, over the previous month. A total of 2,293 people were registered as unemployed at the employment center in June.

Unemployment in Weiden

In the city of Wieden, the number of unemployed was 1,082 in June, compared to June 2021, however, this represents a decrease of 117 unemployed. The unemployment rate was 4.6 percent and worsened by 0.4 percentage points.

Employment agency Weiden was responsible for 396 unemployed people in the city area. Job center Weiden-Neustadt reported a 20.8 percent increase over the previous month and is currently the first point of contact for 686 unemployed men and women looking for work. 1,073 jobs were reported for Weiden.

Since the beginning of the Career Counseling Year in October 2021, 1,087 applicants for vocational training positions have been registered in the Weiden Employment Agency region, up 44 from the same period last year (+4 percent). At the same time, there were 2,350 reports of vocational training places, which corresponds to an increase of 160 (+7 percent). At the end of June, 323 applicants were still in place, and there were still 1,236 vacant training positions. Compared to the same month last year, there were fewer uncommitted applicants and the number of training vacancies was greater.

545 new jobs were registered in June. Currently, there are 3,732 vacancies in stock. In general, employers offer new job opportunities in production and manufacturing occupations (1,514 jobs), in the transport and logistics sector (592) and in health and social services (413).

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