This is what travelers need to know now

  • The situation at the airports is precarious
  • When and how can my airline cancel my trip?
  • is reserved package tour In danger for summer vacation?
  • And what is the situation for solo travelers?
  • Traffic jam when security check and its consequences

Summer, Sun, Vacation, and Cancellation: Flights have been canceled, bags remain on the ground. At airports, there is a shortage of staff everywhere. For many people from North Rhine-Westphalia, the summer holidays started at the end of June with a lot of frustration at the airport. Bavarian holidays are also approaching. What can sufferers do?

The situation at the airports is precarious

More people want to travel again after the Corona years, yes The airline industry cannot handle this growing demand. There is a shortage of flight crew and handling assistants. Many employees have looked for other jobs during the Corona pandemic and will not return.

Lufthansa, EasyJet and Eurowings have already canceled many flights for July. president Air Traffic Control Consortium (GdF), Matthias MaasSomeone warns Unprecedented chaos This summer in German airports. “More short-haul flight cancellations, long queues at stations, desperate passengers who don’t get to their planes on time and are late or lose their luggage, will be a daily occurrence.” Thousands of employees have been laid off and people are now desperately trying to bring them back. We are also pleased with financial incentives, such as bonuses or the promise of group wages. “On closer examination, this turns out to be an attempt to lure employees into the cheaper affiliates,” says Maas.

Vacationers cannot change the personnel policies of airlines and airport companies, and they have to deal with the consequences. So you should note the following.

Passengers can do this before departure

Stay informed about the status of your flight. above all Be at the airport on timeMelanie Gerhard, Head of Security and Crisis Management at cruise company DER Touristik, recommends in travel and cruise magazine Crucero: “My advice for vacations is if possible. Check the internet in advance. Some airlines also offer the night before check-in, which means you can drop your luggage at the airport the night before.”

In general, travelers should be at the airport earlier than usual, at least two and a half to three hours before departure.

After arriving at the airport or checking in at the airport, passengers must pass directly through security and to the gate.

When and how can my airline cancel my flight

There are jams at check-in, security checks and baggage handling. According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, there is currently a shortage of about 2,000 employees in all areas of the aviation industry, reports. In the midst of this chaos, many are wondering: When and how can my airline cancel my flight?

The little reassuring news: You can always do it. Depending on the point in time, however, travelers are entitled to a refund and sometimes compensation as well. This is the purpose of the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulations. This applies to all flights departing within the European Union. For flights that land in the European Union, it only applies if the airline is based in one of the member states of the European Union.

According to the Regulation of Air Passengers Rights, passengers have the right to choose between full Payment of the ticket price and rebooking by the airline. “So you have the right to rebook,” said Carolina Wojtal, a consumer advocate from Germany’s European Consumer Center. Germany Editorial Network. “It doesn’t always work in practice.” If the trip was canceled a few days ago, vacationers should check what is cheaper for them. They may be able to book cheaper flights because sometimes prices drop again shortly before departure – that’s talking about a refund. However, you should insist on rebooking if the alternative flights selected are much more expensive than the canceled flight.

Is a package vacation booked for summer vacation in jeopardy?

The organizer is responsible for package tours. If necessary, he must arrange an alternative means of transportation, explains the Consumer Advice Center in Hamburg. The price of travel should not increase due to the new flight connection, Even if the organizer has to buy more expensive flights in a short time due to cancellation.

Leading new aviation connections to travel disruption, For example, since you are only a day after arriving at your holiday destination, package travelers may be able to assert claims against their tour operator.

“Who owns Mobile phone number when booking Melanie Gerhardt of DER Touristik is immediately informed by our security department if flight schedules are changed or canceled. And “if a guest really misses their flight, we’ll take care of rebooking around the clock.”

What is the situation for individual travelers?

If you have booked a hotel or holiday home on your own and the flight is cancelled, You still have to pay. You can only request a refund if the holiday home or hotel operator’s General Terms and Conditions (GTC) says cancellation. Otherwise, only good intentions remain.

And what about the flight? Timing is crucial. If cancellation information was sent by the airline less than 14 days before departure, You have the right to choose between Refund and Rebook Perhaps one is entitled to Payout up to 600 euros – Depending on the specific individual case. For example, for trips up to 1500 km, it is 250 euros. The only thing that can throw a wrench in the works: if unusual circumstances like bad weather cause a flight to be cancelled.

According to consumer advocate Lujtal, the important questions are: When exactly were you notified? Was an alternative flight offered, and if so, how many should you take off or land next? What is the duration of the itinerary? Cement: If the cancellation is notified seven days to two weeks before departure and alternative flights are offered that depart a maximum of two hours earlier and land a maximum of four hours after the original flights, you are not entitled to compensation. If notified less than seven days in advance, this only applies to alternative flights that depart a maximum of one hour earlier and land a maximum of two hours. Good to know: If you have to wait for your alternative flight at the airport due to a cancellation shortly before, you are entitled to support services. According to Logtal, depending on the length of the waiting period, meals or hotel accommodations can be taken.

Traffic jam upon security check and its consequences

Who can you hold accountable for if you miss your flight because of the safety line? This will be difficult if a passenger misses the flight due to a long wait in security, he can Claiming compensation for the costs of the replacement flightif the person follows the recommendations of the airport and arrives in time for check-in and proceeds to the security check from there without much delay (OLG Frankfurt am Main, Judgment of January 27, 2022, Az: 1 U 220/20). The airline or operator will have to make organizational errors before check-in or control, For example, using too few employees, opening too few counters or locks or poor organization of operations in general.

It is important to document the passage of time, travel law expert Paul Degott told the German Liberation Network (RND). So one has to take pictures of some situations – Like arriving on time to the airport, the queue in the building or the number of open counters.

Consumer advocate Wojtal also advises: If there’s a risk getting on the plane, you should Ask that the check be given priority. Otherwise the passenger can be blamed for missing the flight.”

The bag does not come – what to do?

Recently there was a ‘baggage breakdown’ at London Heathrow – passengers had to leave without their luggage: Since airports in Germany are always overburdened, the question arises as to what travelers can do.

The rights of air passengers in the event of baggage delay, loss and damage are governed by the Montreal Convention. According to the agreement, passengers whose bag arrives late, broken, or never arrives is entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation, regardless of the number of pieces of baggage, A maximum of about 1,385 euros for one person.

If the bag arrives late at the property, there is no reason to exchange the purchases and therefore no right to a refund.

What can you do if the bag is lost?

What do I do if my bag is late? It regularly happens that baggage never arrives or arrives very late. The good news: 95% of lost bags come back.

  • You must inform the Lost & Found office at the airport immediately after landing.
  • Inform the staff that you did not collect your bag at the baggage claim center. Show luggage label, which has been attached to the boarding pass since check-in. Using the baggage registration number, the airline can locate the baggage.
  • row piece of luggage As much as possible.
  • after, after Official loss report, you should contact the airline. Ask how much you can buy cosmetics and spare clothes for.
  • With the package tour, you can also assert your claims against the tour operator. Talk to the tour guide directly on site.

Who helps enforce travel rights?

Research the list of passenger rights yourself and then contact the airlines – many people shy away from this effort. The Flugärger app from consumer advice center NRW can come in handy here, for example. With the free app available for iOS and Android, you can check your claims and write an email to the airline.

The European Consumer Center offers a browser-based self-help tool for aviation problems. ADAC also has a compensation calculator. Users can then create a sample letter and contact the Public Transport Jury (SÖP).

There are also plenty of passenger rights portals. Providers include MYFLYRIGHT, EUclaim, Fairplane and Airhelp. Their service is subject to a commission if successful, which depends on the amount of reimbursement. This means that part of the compensation payments are collected by passenger assistants. It is therefore advisable to first contact the airline yourself directly, for example using the mentioned free tools.


This summer will be stressful for many vacationers who travel by plane. To some extent, chaos is inevitable. Airlines and airport companies can no longer get out of this. So patience and composure are required. But travelers don’t have to put up with everything. You have rights and you must exercise them.

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