You have to know that and that’s why it can come in handy

A good working environment, opportunities for advancement, regular salary increases and appreciation of managers and colleagues – this is a dream. Unfortunately, it is usually just a dream, because the working reality for many people in Germany looks different: minimal or no salary increases, difficult working conditions and lack of progress are everywhere.

So it must also be assumed that a job change can really be beneficial to a very large number of people. Instead of getting into trouble or believing that there is no alternative, the career future is taken into their own hands. Whether it’s with the support of a career counselor or through extensive research, everyone has to decide for themselves – career and career changes should never be taken lightly.

Report alternatives

Money and reputation often seem to be the main reasons people consider changing jobs. In fact, the problem lies more deeply with oneself: if you feel that you have no control or possibilities, you will not be happy with your job and possibly with your life.

Every professional should regularly check for alternatives. Having a look at job postings never hurts, even if the current job is satisfactory. On the one hand, it is never clear how 100% a job is safe, and on the other hand, the value for an individual has to be specified again and again until one does not become smaller than one. Specialists especially need to know their options – job offers for professionals in the automotive, service, industrial and business sectors.

Changing jobs has these benefits

Aside from the psychological factor of not wanting anyone to feel stuck, there are clear benefits to changing jobs. This includes that higher salary can jump. Because unfortunately there are enough employers who do not care about their experienced and loyal employees. Questions about salary increases are often not accepted. Instead, insufficient compensation such as vouchers is offered.

Specialists can always achieve higher salaries by changing jobs. A higher salary isn’t usually the only factor that matters: it can also increase the quality of life. The atmosphere of work and appreciation in the company leads to going to work with renewed vigor. Coming home exhausting every day or even not wanting to get up in the morning should not be the norm. Everyone should feel comfortable at work. Also, changing jobs is always changing. Anyone who has worked in a company for years will become frugal over time. Joining another company can give you a new boost. If you combine this with new career opportunities, for many people changing jobs is the perfect way to become happier and more satisfied.

Avoid mistakes before and during a job change

It’s good that changing jobs can make you happier, but unfortunately there are drawbacks. For example, many managers will not be happy when they know that someone is looking for alternatives. Sometimes this can lead to drawbacks such as non-payment of salaries. So a new job should be declared only when it is already in the portfolio.

Talk about your pocket: Verbal agreements don’t guarantee you a new job. Anyone contacted by another company or receiving positive feedback in an interview does not have ballpoint yet under the new contract. Immediate cancellation can cause nasty surprises.

At the same time, termination should not be postponed. Since there is generally a four-week notice period – but be careful: Contracts can contain clauses in small print. Unfortunately, employees who do not feel valued can sometimes tend to make life more difficult for their old employer. It’s best to secure yourself legally and stay serious – even if your employer isn’t.

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